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Does Pikmin Exist In Real Life? Can It Destroy The World?

Almost all gaming freaks in today’s generation are curious about whether Pikmin exists in real life due to their amazing relationship with the environment.

Generally, Pikmins do not exist in real life but are fictional characters from the video game series by Nintendo. These creatures are probably the inspiration for organisms like Euglena, Tardigrade, and Cordyceps.

Pikmins are interesting characters that collect nectar to make Juice, just like honeybees, which is a healing substance.

So, go through this entire article to learn the interesting facts about Pikmins and their relationships with plants.

What Does Pikmin Look Like?

Pikmins are tiny, plant-like creatures bearing a human-like head with two round eyes. The size of this creature is about 2-3 cm tall.

Moreover, this organism also bears a green leaf on its head. When it matures, the leaf turns into a beautiful flower.

There are different types of Pikmin with their own unique abilities. The color of each Pikmin also varies with each other.

Lots of Cordyceps
Cordyceps is half insect and half plant just like Pikmins.

Among them, the most common Pikmin is the fire-resistant Red Pikmin. They carry heavy loads and are very useful.

Moreover, the Pikmin with the fastest speed, the Yellow Pikmin, conducts electricity. Similarly, Blue Pikmin can breathe inside water and can withstand poison.

Additionally, cold-resistant white Pikmin can see in the dark, and Pikmin with wings can fly, carrying objects on long distances.

Does Pikmin Exist In Real Life?

Pikmin does not exist in real life but is imaginary character from the game series by Nintendo. 

These creatures are a mix of humans and plants, and the human protagonist, Captain Olimar, controls them in the game. 

You can see them carrying objects, solving puzzles, flying and battling. But, there are no proven creatures on the earth that can do all these tasks, and it is a mix of plants and animals.

However, these characters may be the inspiration by the real creatures on Earth. Some moving organisms can photosynthesize.

One perfect example is Euglena, who can perform photosynthesis with chlorophyll-like plants but eats food and moves like an animal.

Another example is the Tardigrade, which has a unique ability to regenerate its lost organ. 

These are only the examples of microorganisms. You can find an organism called Cordyceps, which has half a plant body and the other half a body of the caterpillar.

But, Cordyceps do not have any ability to move. It is just a medicinal plant from the Himalayas.

Thus, Pikmin does not exist in real life but is an imaginary interpretation in the game, just like Cecilia Flower.

Would Anyone Be Afraid Of Pikmin In Real Life?

Pikmin is just the same size as Captain Olimar. If you interpret yourself inside the game, they are the same as your size, too.

Moreover, they do not attack only selected characters like other Pikmin and Olimars. So, if they exist in real life, they will attack you too.

Like other enemies, they will beat you to death, and this sounds really scary. Anyone will be afraid of Pikmin if they exist in real life.

Not only this, you cannot imagine anyone throwing rocks at you, killing you and carrying your dead bodies to make more Pikmin Out of it.

However, humans are the wise creatures on earth, so even if they exist, they can find ways to control Pikmin just like Captain Olimar.

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Pikmins And Plants!

In the game series, Pikmin has a mutualistic relationship with the plants. Plants need them to pollinate and disperse the seeds, while Pikmins get every necessary item from the plants.

Although Pikmins do not exist in real life, there is a beautiful balance in the ecosystem in their presence. This game teaches humans to do the same to maintain harmony in their surroundings.