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Spirit Vs Light In Blox Fruits: Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Both Spirit and Light Fruits bless their users with extraordinary abilities but those capabilities may go in vain if you don’t compare one vs another.

Generally, both Spirit and Light Fruits are powerful devil fruits that come under the logia category. However, both fruits are different in appearance, abilities, playstyle, utilities, costs, and many more.

So, go through this article to travel through the Blox Fruit’s world and know the potential difference between Spirit Fruit and Light Fruit in detail.

Spirit & Light [Similarities]

Both Spirit and Light Fruits are powerful devil fruits that come under the logia category that transforms the users into the fruit’s elements.

Spirit and Light Fruits in Blox Fruits
Spirit Fruit is more defensive than Light Fruit.

Moreover, the users can manipulate the respective elements to control the battleground during the fight with the opponent team or players.

  • Both fruits are versatile in different playstyles.
  • The user can be intangible and immune to physical attacks during the fight.
  • Both fruits have healing abilities and can glow in the dark.
  • After awakening, both fruits become more powerful than before.
  • The mobility of both fruits is excellent with good speed.
  • Both fruits can cause significant damage to their opponents.
  • Also, both fruits are capable of defeating the enemies in both PvP and PvE combat.

Spirit Vs Light [Differences]

After awakening, Spirit Fruit can heal its users and teammates with the enhanced power of the fruit. Meanwhile, awakened light fruit can teleport to any location they can see, faster than before.

1. Appearance

Spirit Fruit has a ghostly and semi-transparent appearance with a slightly glowing surface of blue and purple hues. Moreover, the surface of the fruit has swirl patterns.

In contrast, Light Fruit appears very bright, containing bright yellow or radiant white, glowing surface with swirl patterns. The shape of this fruit resembles a star.

2. Abilities

The player who chooses Spirit Fruit can pass through objects, and gain the ghostly energies with a chilling aura. Players can deal damage to the opponents with the fruit’s energy.

Meanwhile, Light Fruit grants you the ability to heal the damages of you and your team as well as deal damage to the opponents with light intensity.

3. Playstyles

As you can apply hit-and-run tactics using Spirit Fruit and can disappear or avoid your enemies, this fruit is suitable for supportive or defensive playstyles.

Light Fruit is also suitable for defensive playstyles but is very offensive and can be better than Spirit Fruit while dealing damage to the opponents.

4. Utilities

Spirit Fruit consists of utilities like finding the hidden areas, spirit vortex, spirit rush, grinding effects, and allies protection.

In contrast, the utilities in the Light Fruit are illuminating power, light speed, teleportation, healing power, blinding radiance, radiant shield, etc.

5.  Costs

In Blox Fruits, the cost of Spirit Fruit is 650,000 beli and 1100 Roboux whereas Light Fruit costs 600,000 Beli and 1000 Roboux.

Thus, Spirit Fruit is more expensive than Light Fruit due to the fact that the versatility of this fruit is better than that of Light Fruit.

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Spirit Vs Light: Which is Better?

Choosing between Spirit and Light Fruits entirely depends upon your gaming tactics. If you are in search of a versatile fruit with good healing abilities, offense, defense, etc, it’s better to choose Spirit Fruit.

But, it’s good to choose Light Fruit if you want to cause significant damage to your opponent. Light Fruit works better in causing damage and healing.