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Is Dough Better Than Buddha? Guide For Blox Fruits

In the Blox Fruits world, both Dough and Buddha Fruits have unique strengths and outstanding abilities making the gaming freaks confused about choosing the better one.

Generally, both Dough and Buddha Fruits are popular devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits. However, both fruits are different in appearance, abilities, fighting style, mobility, defensive qualities, and many more.

So, go through this complete article to know about the potential difference between Dough and Buddha fruit and choose a better fruit for your playstyle.

Dough & Buddha [Similarities]

Both Dough and Buddha Fruits are popular devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits. This game was inspired by the famous anime and manga series One Piece.

Dough vs Buddha in Blox Fruits
Dough Fruit is more offensive than Buddha.

Moreover, both are logia-type fruits that can transform the users into their respective elements.

  • Both fruits are versatile in different playstyles.
  • The user can be immune to several physical attacks after choosing both fruits.
  • AoE attacks of both fruits are very powerful, causing significant damage to the enemies.
  • Also, both fruits have excellent defensive qualities.
  • You can obtain both fruits easily compared to other devil fruits.
  • It’s very difficult to awaken both fruits.
  • After awakening, the power of both fruits becomes enhanced.

Dough Vs Buddha [Differences]

Dough Fruit can affect a large area of the battleground at once but the users can face difficulties during boss fights.

In contrast, you can easily withstand AoE attacks and get the ability to win boss fights if you choose Buddha Fruit.

1. Appearance

Dough Fruit has a  stretchy and elastic appearance just like a ball of dough. Moreover, the texture is very sticky and gooey to tough.

Meanwhile, Buddha Fruit appears just like lord Buddha which consists of a golden aura. The fruit is shiny and represents peace and power.

2. Abilities

You can manipulate the elements in the dough fruit to attack your opponents and disrupt their formations. You will also get the ability to stretch your body parts.

In contrast, you will get the amazing ability to transform damaging attacks into healing powers using Buddha Fruit. You can also be damage-proof for a certain time.

3. Fighting Style

Dough Fruit has a good range of AoE attacks that can kill a lot of enemies even from far away. After awakening, the fruit turns into a giant golem.

Meanwhile, Buddha is a large-sized fruit with powerful punches that can deal with enemies from close range. The awakening of this fruit is more powerful.

4. Mobility

The mobility of Dough Fruit is better than Buddha as it’s easy for the fruit to dodge attacks and surround the enemies from a distance.

In contrast, the Buddha fruit has limited mobility due to its large size. After awakening, the movement becomes even slower as the user turns very big.

5. Defensive Qualities

If you compare the defensive qualities of both fruits, the Dough fruit is more offensive and mostly useful for grinding and dealing damage during the fight.

Meanwhile, Buddha fruit has a good defensive quality as it gives immunity to physical attacks and an amazing damage reflection power.

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Is Dough Better Than Buddha?

Choosing between Dough and Buddha relies on your playstyle. If you want to play close-range combat and deal significant damage to enemies from a distance, choose Dough Fruit.

However, it’s better to choose Buddha Fruit if you are focused on supporting your team, durability, stamina and regeneration.