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Is Sand Better Than Light? Ultimate Guide For Blox Fruits

Though both Sand and Light are devil fruits, they possess different strategies to continue the game.

Generally, Sand Fruit focuses on versatility, crowd control, high damage, PvP and grinding. However, Light Fruit offers mobility, speed, and dodging manoeuvres, making it a good choice for PvP and solo grinding.

If you really want to know if Sand is better than Light, go through this article.

Is Sand Better Than Light In Blox Fruits? 

Sand Fruit is an Elemental-type fruit which is known for versatility, crowd control capabilities, and considerable damage output.

Sand Vs Light In Blox Fruits
Both Sand and Light are good for different playstyles depending on the situation.

However, Light Fruit is a Logia-type fruit that is good for mobility, high speed, and evasive movements.

Here are more differences between Sand and Light Fruits. 

1. Appearance

Sand Fruit looks like a vibrant orange orb with its swirling surface and sandy texture. It reminds the desert sands in control.

On the other hand, Light Fruit has an ethereal glow with its shimmering surface and otherworldly radiance. It mimics the miniature sun. 

2. Abilities 

Sand Fruit allows the users to manipulate the essence of the dessert, providing various sand-based attacks.

Besides, its moveset includes Desert Blade, Sand Coffin, Dessert Destructor, and Sandstorm.

However, Light Fruit users can employ unparalleled mobility and evasive movements, paving the difficulties for enemies in combat.

Moreover, its movesets are Light Speed, Photon Flash, Light Vortex, and Light Barrier. 

3. Playstyles

Sand Fruit focuses on versatility and crowd abilities which is better for users who enjoy strategic control on the battlefield.

The fruit allows users to change the combat flow, controlling groups of enemies and considerable damage.

Light Fruit focuses on mobility and evasive movements, making it a good choice for users who enjoy fast-paced, aggressive battles.

The fruit’s speed and ability to resist attacks grant players to control the battle pace and defeat opponents with rapid strikes.

4. Pros & Cons

Sand Fruit 

  • The fruit is good for combo potential.
  • It is a nice choice for killing Bosses.
  • Sand also supports low levels, good for beginners.
  • It has good stunts that are good for PvP combat.
  • Users can deal great damage, good hitboxes, and pretty fast moves when awakened.
  • The fruit is good for air combat.
  • Unawakened Sand Fruit is primarily ground-based.
  • The slow fight moves and speeds compared to other fruits including Flame.
  • The target remains unharmed from you alone when Sand X is active.
  • It is not reliable for PvP battles.

Light Fruit 

  • The fruit grants long-range attacks.
  • It is good for great AoE damage.
  • Light is excellent for grinding.
  • You can use it for a PvP battle.
  • It is good for spamming.
  • It is easy to master.
  • The fruit offers M1s and the fastest flight in the game.
  • The fruit has only two instinct break moves.
  • It is difficult to strike airbourne enemies.
  • Light Fight is not able to manipulate its direction.
  • It is not recommended for grinding in the Second Sea and Third Sea during high Elemental requirements.

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Sand Vs Light: Which to Choose? 

It all depends on your desired playstyle. If you enjoy crowd control and high damage, get Sand Fruit.

However, go for Light if you focus on mobility, speed, and dodging manoeuvres in the game.