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Spirit Vs Dragon In Blox Fruits: Guide For Beginners

Choosing between the two amazing devil fruits (Spirit vs. Dragon) can be daunting as both fruits are loaded with extraordinary powers.

Generally, Both Spirit and Dragon Fruits are the popular devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits. However, both are different in appearance, abilities, application, costs, and defensive qualities.

So, go through this complete article to know about Spirit and Dragon Fruit in detail, differentiate them and find out the best fruit for your playstyle.

Spirit & Dragon Fruits [Similarities]

Both Spirit and Dragon Fruits are the popular devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits. Blox Fruits is a famous game inspired by the anime and manga series One Piece.

Spirit vs Dragon in Blox Fruits
Dragon Fruit is more offensive than Spirit Fruit.

Moreover, both fruits have unique abilities that help their users during the fight with their opponent team in the battleground.

  • Both Spirit and Dragon Fruits are the logia fruits that transform their users with their respective elements.
  • You can cause huge damage to your opponents with both fruits.
  • The mobility of the users can be enhanced with flying abilities after choosing both fruits.
  • You can use both Spirit and Dragon Fruit for exploration purposes.
  • Both fruits are versatile in different playstyles.
  • Also, both are rare and valuable fruits in the game.
  • The cost of both fruits exceeds 3000000 Beli.

Spirit Vs Dragon Fruits [Differences]

Spirit Fruit has the lower damage output than Dragon Fruit as it focuses on phasing and hiding from enemies rather than causing damage.

Meanwhile, Dragon Fruit is more offensive and the user requires a good experience to use the fruit’s full potential.

1. Appearance

Spirit Fruit has a ghostly appearance with a translucent body glowing with blue and purple hue. The chilling aura surrounds the user when they choose the fruit.

In contrast, Dragon Fruit is a green-coloured, dragon-shaped fruit that glows bright orange or yellow with a frightening appearance.

2. Abilities

After you choose Spirit Fruit, you can easily pass through the objects and cause significant damage to the enemies. AoE attacks, spirit rush, and spirit vortex are the main damage-causing elements.

Meanwhile, if you select Dragon Fruit, you can get abilities like flying, breathing fire, creating shockwaves, etc. The mobility is also enhanced compared to Spirit Fruit.

3. Applications

You can use Spirit fruits in several gaming strategies like surprise attacks, disappearing during the fights and bypassing obstacles.

In contrast, Dragon Fruit is better if you prefer a destructive playstyle that controls the crowd, efficient grinding, tanking, and much more.

4. Costs

The market price of Spirit fruit is 3,400,000 Beli. The cost is really expensive even when you compare it with the price of other fruits.

However, Dragon Fruit is more expensive than Spirit Fruit, with a market price of 3,500,000 Beli. The cost is reasonable due to the destructive ability and versatility of Dragon Fruit.

5. Defensive Qualities

Spirit fruit has defensive qualities like disappearing, passing through the objects, and avoiding the enemies during the fight to support the teammates.

In contrast, Dragon Fruit is more defensive as it can be more resistant to physical damage due to the good immune system, especially during the awakening forms.

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Spirit Vs Dragon Fruits: What To Choose?

If you want supportive and stealthy playstyles and want to control your enemies with the phasing abilities, it’s better to choose the Spirit Fruit.

However, it will be good to choose Dragon Fruit if you want to cause huge destruction to your enemies and want to kill a lot of enemies at once during the battle.