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Is Spirit Better Than Shadow? Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Spirit Fruit and Shadow Fruit can deal damage but in different playstyles and strategies when awakened. 

Generally, Spirit Fruit focuses on versatility, ranged attacks, and crowd control and fits best for AoE and PvP. However, Shadow Fruit is beneficial in close-quarters combat, stealth, deception, and PvP. 

If you want to know if Spirit is better than Shadow, you are in the right place; continue with this post. 

Spirit Vs Shadow In Blox Fruits

Spirit Fruit includes the ability features such as Spirit Orb, Spirit Punch, Spirit Vortex, Spirit Leap, Spirit Summon, Spirit Heal, and Spirit Speed. 

spirit vs shadow
Spirit and Shadow are flexible and can accommodate different playstyles.

However, Shadow Fruit possesses Shadow Punch, Shadow Form, Shadow Clones, Shadow Orb, and Shadow Grip as the fruit tools. 

Besides, here are some other differences between the two fruits. 

1. Appearance

Spirit Fruit shows off a celestial glow with its blue highlighted by a swirling vortex of white energy at its center.

Its ethereal glow gives the fruit an affinity for light and life.

On the other hand, the Shadow Fruit contains the theme of darkness, with the deep purple surface covered in shadow. Its ability includes manipulating the darkness and releasing the close-quarters attacks.

2. Abilities

Spirit has a signature move, Spirit Orb, which releases an incoming projectile that stuns and destroys opponents.

Its ability involves summoning ethereal allies and offering offensive and defensive support in combat.

In contrast, Shadow boasts the ability of darkness and deception. Its signature move is Shadow Punch, which releases a shockwave destroying and knocking back opponents in a close-quarters attack.

Users can manipulate shadows to become invisible and generate illusory copies to confuse and deceive enemies.

3. Playstyles

Spirit Fruit allows users to enjoy crowd control, ranged attack, and mobility. Thus, users can stun the opponents from a distance and dominate the battlefield.

This way, it is a formidable force in both PvE and PvP tactics.

However, Shadow Fruit fits players who enjoy close-quarters combat, stealth, and deception. The ability of Shadow helps users attack unsuspecting enemies and release the melee invasion.

It will be the master of surprise and control in PvP battles.

4. Pros & Cons 

Spirit Fruit 

  • It deals with excessively high damage.
  • It is extremely versatile with ability in stunning, healing, movement speed, DoT, AoE and knowback.
  • Buddies remain unharmed, but they vanish after a few seconds.
  • Movements are relatively slow.
  • It is bad against teamers.
  • The fruit’s damage is unpredictable at times.

Shadow Fruit 

  • It is good for combo potential.
  • Shadow can be used as both fruit main and sword main.
  • Fruit is easy to master.
  • It boosts its power when paired with Yama.
  • It supports good mobility.
  • It is quite expensive to buy (6th most expensive fruit in the game).
  • Users may need aim and skill to use in PvP.
  • Umbrage is relatively slow and does not last for long.

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Tips to Use Fruit and Shadow Fruit!

You need to master ranged attacks and spirit speed, harness crowd control, leverage mobility, and utilize spirit allies to use Spirit Fruit. 

However, if you want to use Shadow Fruit, you need to control master stealth, close-quarters combat, disrupt formations, and stun enemies.