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Is Spirit Better Than Dough? Ultimate Guide For Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits world, Spirit and Dough Fruits are the popular choices among players, but the better fruit that can stay supreme only depends upon how you play the game.

Generally, both Spirit and Dough Fruits are the logia-type devil fruits that transform the user into their respective elements. However, both are different in appearance, abilities, mobility, awakening, damage output, etc.

Go through this entire article to know the potential differences between Spirit and Dough Fruits and know the better fruit for your play style.

Spirit & Dough Fruits [Similarities]

Both Spirit and Dough Fruits are the logia-type devil fruits that transform the user into their respective elements. Also, the users can manipulate the elements in both fruits against their enemies in the battleground.

Spirit Fruit and Dough Fruit in Blox Fruits
Both Spirit and Dough Fruits are difficult to awaken.

Moreover, both fruits are easy to understand and you can use their full potential even if you do not have enough experience.

  • Both fruits are visually appealing and very fun to use in the game.
  • The versatility of both fruits allows you to use them in different playstyles.
  • Both fruits have a wide range of attacks, making it easy to kill several enemies.
  • The mobility of both fruits is amazing, allowing the user to move easily around the map.
  • Both come under the most powerful fruits in the Blox Fruits world.
  • After awakening, the power of both fruits becomes more enhanced.
  • You can use both fruits in PvP and PvE combat.

Spirit Vs Dough Fruits [Differences]

In PvP, Spirit Fruit is excellent at controlling the crowd whereas Dough Fruit has a good capacity for dealing damage and tanking.

Similarly, Spirit Fruit is good for farming and boss fights whereas Dough Fruit is useful in healing your team during fights.

1. Appearances

Spirit Fruit has a ghostly appearance with a translucent body glowing with blue and purple hue. The chilling aura surrounds the user when they choose the fruit.

In contrast, Dough Fruit has a  stretchy and elastic appearance just like a ball of dough. The texture is also sticky and the fruit is gooey to the touch.

2. Abilities

When you choose Spirit Fruit, it grants you amazing abilities like passing through the objects and causing significant damage to the enemies.

Meanwhile, you can manipulate the elements in the dough fruit to attack your opponents and disrupt their formations. You can also be able to transform yourself into a giant.

3. Mobility

For enhanced mobility, Spirit Fruit contains several moves like spirit dash, spirit leap, spirit phase, etc. These moves can take users to higher locations in a short time and make them intangible.

In contrast, the moves in Dough Fruit include dough stretch, dough punches, dough morphs, etc helping the users to stretch their body into different shapes.

4. Awakening

After awakening the Spirit Fruit, you can heal yourselves and your team with increased healing abilities. Also, the mobility of the user can also enhance with the ability to transfer to shorter distances.

Meanwhile, the user can turn into a bigger and more powerful Golem giant after choosing Dough Fruit.

5. Damage Output

Spirit fruit can cause huge damage that is effective against dark-type enemies. The damage is called light damage.

In contrast, the damage from Dough Fruit is effective against light-type enemies. The damage caused by Dough Fruit is dark damage.

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Is Spirit Better Than Dough?

Knowing the better fruit for you entirely depends upon your playstyle. If you want to avoid your enemies by disappearing and want tactical combat, it’s better to choose Spirit Fruit.

On the other hand, Dough Fruit can be effective for offensive fights with confronting the enemy. Dough Fruit causes a huge damage compared to Spirit Fruit.