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Soul Vs Dragon In Blox Fruits: Which Should You Keep?

While playing Blox Fruits, if you face the situation of choosing between Soul and Dragon Fruits, it’s better to compare one vs another. Otherwise, you may lose the game.

Generally, both Soul and Dragon Fruits are the devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits. However, both are different in appearance, abilities, playstyle, range, healing, mobility, damage outputs, and many more.

So, go through this article to learn about Soul Fruit and Dragon Fruit in detail and find out the similarities as well as the potential differences between both fruits.

Soul & Dragon Fruits [Similarities]

Both Soul and Dragon Fruits are the popular devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits. This game is inspired by the well-known manga and anime series One Piece.

Soul Fruit on the left vs Dragon Fruit on the right
Soul Fruit is defensive whereas Dragon Fruit is offensive.

Moreover, both fruits can bless their users with amazing superhuman abilities while playing the game.

  • Both are Logia fruits in which the user’s body transforms into the fruit’s elements.
  • Also, both fruits are one of the most powerful fruits in the Blox Fruits world.
  • Both fruits are suitable in PvP as well as PvE combat.
  • As both fruits have high damage outputs, they can cause huge destruction to the enemies.
  • Moreover, the effective grinding abilities of both fruits are perfect for killing multiple enemies at once.
  • You can upgrade or awaken both fruits to increase your abilities and powers.
  • Both fruits can make you unbeatable against your enemies.
  • It’s very difficult to awaken both fruits. Thus, both are rare and valuable in the game.

Soul Vs Dragon Fruits [Differences]

Although Soul and Dragon fruits are extremely powerful devil fruits, both bear unique characteristics that set both fruits apart from each other.

Soul Fruit can transform users in a short duration, while Dragon Fruit takes a longer transformation duration.

FeaturesSoul FruitDragon Fruit
Appearance Purple sphere with a spiral pattern of blue and white lines. green-colored, dragon-shaped fruit with bright orange glow
AbilitiesLarge AoE attacks, Summons soul orbsCan breathe fire splashes, fire lasers, etc.
PlaystyleSupportive and defensiveOffensive and destructive
RangeLong Medium
HealingHas healing abilitiesDoes not contain healing abilities
Damage outputLower than Dragon FruitCauses high damages
Transformation speedSlowFast
MobilityLess mobileGood mobility
DifficultiesEasier to useNeeds a lot of practice to use perfectly
StrengthHealing, AoE attacks, summonsTransformation, breath attack, shockwaves
WeaknessesLess grinding abilities, Limited range of attacks, no healing

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Soul Vs Dragon Fruits: Which is better?

Choosing between Soul Fruit and Dragon Fruit depends on your playstyle. Soul Fruit is better to support your team as it has healing abilities.

Meanwhile, it’s better to choose Dragon Fruit if you want to cause a huge damage in the battlefield and play a destructive game.