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Ice Vs Smoke In Blox Fruits: Which To Choose?

While playing Blox Fruits, whenever you face a dilemma in choosing between Ice and Smoke Fruits, you must understand one vs another to become a pro player.

Generally, Ice and Smoke Fruits come under devil fruits from the popular game Blox Fruits. However, both are different in appearance, elements, abilities, application, versatility, etc.

So go through this entire article to know about the amazing abilities of Ice and Smoke Fruits in detail and differentiate between them.

Ice & Smoke Fruits [Similarities]

Both Ice and Smoke Fruits come under the category of devil fruits from the popular game Blox Fruits. This game is inspired by the manga and anime series One Piece.

Ice Fruit on the left whereas Smoke Fruit on the right
The power Level of Ice Fruit is more than that of Smoke Fruit.

Moreover, both fruits are the special fruits that help you during the fight with your opponents on the battlefield.

  • Both fruits have the great ability to manipulate their respective elements on the battlefield.
  • Also, both are logia fruits that transform users in their particular elements.
  • You can be immune to physical attacks after selecting both fruits.
  • Both fruits have excellent mobility and help users fly after they select them.
  • These powerful fruits are popular for their versatility and helpful for different playstyles.
  • Both fruits are suitable for PvE and PvP combat.
  • Additionally, both fruits are rare and valuable fruits in the Blox Fruits.

Ice Vs Smoke Fruits [Differences]

In the case of power level, Ice Fruit is more powerful and damaging than Smoke Fruit as the abilities can work both around the mass or individual opponents.

In contrast, Smoke Fruit is useful only in specific situations.

1. Appearance

Ice Fruit looks like a shining and translucent glass with a bluish glow. The surface consists of a smooth swirl pattern, creating the visible rings of frost.

Meanwhile, Smoke Fruit has a changing appearance that creates the huge mass of smoke with a purplish hue. You can see ghostly effects in this fruit.

2. Elements

The main element in the Ice Fruit is Ice, whereas a huge mass of smoke is the major element in the Smoke Fruit.

The differences in elements give both fruits unique strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, the playstyles can also be different after choosing both fruits.

3. Abilities

After choosing Ice fruits, the user gets the amazing ability to control the main element, ice. Also, you can freeze your opponents, create ice barriers and defeat your enemies with the ice weapons.

In contrast, Smoke Fruit grants amazing abilities like creating smoke, becoming invisible, and controlling the smoke clouds to defeat the opponents in the battleground.

4. Application

You can select Ice Fruit if you want to cause damage to the opponents by creating the frosty environment. This fruit is mostly suitable for grinding.

Meanwhile, Smoke Fruit is mostly suitable for stealth and surprise attacks. You can avoid opponents to support yourself and your team during the fights.

5. Versatility

Ice Fruit can create ice walls, ice barriers, frosty situations, etc., so this fruit is more versatile than Smoke Fruit. You can use Ice Fruiy in different playstyles.

Meanwhile, Smoke Fruit’s abilities to become invisible and avoid are mostly suitable for infiltration and stealth missions.

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Ice Vs Smoke Fruits: Which is Better?

Choosing between Ice and Smoke Fruit depends upon your playstyle and the challenges you face while you are in the game.

If you want offensive playstyles and aim to create significant damage to your opponents in the battleground, it’s better to choose Ice Fruit.

However, you can select Smoke Fruit if you want to defend against your enemies or get rid of them to support your team.