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Is Spider Better Than Magma? A Complete Guide For Beginners

In Blox Fruits, both Magma and Spider Fruits contribute to helping you, but you need to determine the better one to fit them into your gaming tactics.

Generally, both Spider and Magma Fruit are the devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits. However, both are different in appearance, abilities, fighting style, strength, weaknesses, and many more.

Dig into this article to know the similarities and differences between two amazing fruits, Spider Fruit and Magma Fruit in the Blox Fruits world.

Spider Fruit & Magma Fruit [Similarities]

Both Spider and Magma Fruits are the powerful devil fruits from the popular game Blox Fruits. Moreover, both are renowned for their versatility in different playstyles.

Spider Fruit on the left vs Magma Fruit on the right
Spider Fruit is more versatile than Magma Fruit.

Moreover, both fruits become extremely powerful and gain new abilities after they become awakened.

  • Both fruits are from the logia category that transforms the user into the fruit’s elements.
  • Also, both fruits cause huge damage to the enemies on the battlefield.
  • You can use both fruits in PvP and PvE combat.
  • Also, you can attack enemies that are far away easily using both fruits.
  • Both Fruits are rare and valuable in the game.
  • Additionally, both fruits are excellent for grinding as they kill a large number of enemies at once.

Spider Fruit Vs Magma Fruit [Differences]

One of the major differences between Spider and Magma Fruits is Spider Fruit transforms you into a spider, whereas Magma Fruit changes you into molten magma.

1. Appearance

Spider Fruit is an attractive fruit that appears dark red in color with the pattern of a spider scale. When you activate the fruit, the fruit appears glowing with a bright orange color.

In contrast, Magma Fruit has a brownish surface with the rough appearance. You can see the cracks on the outer part with bright orange molten lava.

2. Abilities

If you choose Spider Fruit, you will get abilities like climbing, shooting webs, biting enemies and poisoning them or encasing them into a cocoon.

In contrast, you can create molten lava with volcanic eruptions and manipulate it to attack and control the battlefield using Magma Fruit.

3. Fighting Style

Spider Fruit has a hybrid fighting style. But you can get the playstyle using fiery swords using Magma Fruits.

Moreover, the grinding and damaging abilities of magma fruit are highly destructive. In contrast to Spider Fruit, you can damage a huge area of battleground at once.

4. Strengths

If you choose Spider Fruit, you will adopt the versatility of the game and can do powerful attacks on the enemies in the battleground.

However, the attacks are more versatile and extremely powerful if you choose Magma Fruit. You can even wank on water using Magma Fruit.

5. Weaknesses

The weakness of choosing Spider Fruit is it’s difficult to aim and kill multiple enemies at once. This ability is comparatively better in Magma Fruit.

Meanwhile, if you choose Magma Fruit, it can be very difficult to move around when the fruit gets transformed.

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Spider Fruit Vs Magma Fruit: Which Is Better?

Choosing between Spider Fruit and Magma Fruit depends upon your playstyle. If you want huge damage on your enemies and good mobility, it’s better to choose Magma Fruit.

But, if you want a versatile fruit for different playstyles and a fruit that is easier to use, it’s better to choose Spider Fruit.