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Does Selas Flower Exist In Real Life? Know All Guide!

The paintings in the art galleries and exhibitions are often inspired by real-life situations. This raises the question of whether Selas Flower is an inspiration or only an imaginary interpretation.

Generally, Selas Flower is not a real flower but a fictional object from Kingkiller Chronicle, a book series by Patrick Rothfuss. In the book, the boy compares the Mysterious girl with this flower that indicates beauty, love, and mystery.

Moreover, this rare flower is said to have an amazingly sweet and unique smell in the book series.

So, to know about the story behind  this alluring beauty with its definitive symbolic meaning, go through this entire article. 

What Does Selas Flower Look Like?

Selas Flower is a beautiful and rare flower that grows in a vine. The incredible arrangement of the flowers in a vine can beautify any living space.

Moreover, the flower petals are red, very soft, and smooth, making the flower delicate. The size of the flower is small and irregular.

Moon Flower with white petals
This flower is probably an inspiration from real-life flowers with delicate petals and a frock-like appearance.

Furthermore, the appearance of the flower is like a flaring skirt or a trumpet-like, giving it a princess look.

Also, the petals enclosed together with the small petals inside and older ones outside make the flower appear like a red rose. 

Additionally, the vines and the leaves are dark green in color and prefer to grow in the shady areas of dense forests.

However, whenever the plant needs sun, it also draws itself to sunny areas.

Is Selas Flower Real?

Selas Flower is not real but a fictional object from Kingkiller Chronicle, a book series by Patrick Rothfuss.

In the book, there is a limited description of the flower, but it’s enough to understand how beautiful the flower is.

The author used this beautiful flower to compare it to a mysterious girl character, Denna.

Kvothe, who attracts Denna, compares her with this stunning flower about how beautiful, rare, and delicate she is.

Moreover, Denna is a talented singer and musician with more abilities beyond her beauty. The rarity of the flower also describes her abilities.

Thus, just like other fictional flowers like Vivisteria and Angel Of The Dawn, Selas flower is not a real flower but an imaginary interpretation.

Selas Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Although there is no specific meaning of this alluring flower in real life, this blossom has several symbolic meanings that define the flower.

The beautiful petals represent the beauty, and the way it encloses its pollen symbolizes the mystery.

Moreover, the preference of the flower in the dark and shady places also symbolizes the mysterious situations.

Also, the ability of the flower to draw its vine towards the sun in need indicates hope and effort of survival even in the darkest situations.

Additionally, this alluring flower is rare, and the rarity indicates its uniqueness, and its comparison to Denna by Kvothe indicates love.

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Flower Similar To Selas Flower

Although Selas flower is not real, the writer who imagined the flower is probably inspired by the flaring, trumpet-shaped flower that exists in real life.

Thus, this flower may be an inspiration from flowers like the Moon Flower, Angel trumpets, Roses, and many more.

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