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Angel Of The Dawn Flower: Everything You Need To Know

After the popularity of the Angel of the Dawn in literature and paintings, many art lovers are curious about the existence of this mystic flower in real life.

Generally, the Angel of the Dawn flower is a fictional bloom from literature and cultural paintings. The flower bears beautiful white and pink translucent petals that symbolize hope, new beginnings, purity, love, innocence, positivity, and many more.

The Angel of the Dawn flower is also a popular choice for tattoo lovers worldwide.

So, go through this article to know everything about the Angel of the Dawn flower with its true meanings and symbolism.

What Does Angel Of The Dawn Flower Look Like?

The Angel of the Dwan flower is a beautiful flower with delicate ruffled white and pink petals.

Those petals look just like a princess gown with lots of layers. Moreover, that arrangement makes the flower look like a trumpet-shaped structure.

White Morning Glory flower
Angel of the Dawn is probably inspired by flowers like Morning Glory with similar shapes and colors.

Furthermore, each petal is translucent, and that quality makes the pink and white color quite darker in the overall look.

The Angel of the Dawn flowers have a long and elongated shape; each bloom is about 3-5 inches in diameter.

Interestingly, the flower blooms very early in the morning before sunrise. 

Additionally, the Angel of the Dawn has a sweet fragrance resembling Jasmine perfume.

Angel Of The Dawn Flower: Meaning And Symbolism

As the Angel of the Dawn flowers bloom in spring and summer, it symbolizes the hope for a beautiful future.

Moreover, the incredible pink and white petals are the symbol of peace, harmony, and innocence.

Furthermore, the early morning blooming of the flowers represents the new beginnings with inspiration.

Also, the delicate and fragile petals indicate purity, and the long flaring shape is the true symbol of beauty and power.

The sweet fragrance that can lift good spirits also represents positivity to face the upcoming challenges.

Overall, the Angel of the Dwan flowers are the remainder of nature’s power and the inspiration to enhance the positive human spirit.

Is Angel Of The Dawn Flower Real?

The Angel of the Dawn flower is not a real flower but a fictional flower from art and literature. 

Moreover, according to literature, Angel of the Dawn got its name from its blooming habits in the early morning. Angel means flowers, while Dawn means morning.

The writer of the novel “The Secret Garden” explained that the small girl got lost in the forest. She saw a garden where Angel of the Dawn was blooming. 

That beautiful bloom gave her hope and positivity to find the way to return back home.

Furthermore, many Japanese and Chinese artists have also mentioned this flower in their valuable paintings. Even though the flower is not real, it has great value in different cultures.

Thus, just like Vivisteria flower, the Angel of the Dawn is also the inspiration by other real flowers of similar shape and color.

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Angel Of The Dawn Flowers Look-Alikes!

Angel of the Dwan flower is not real, a rather imaginary plant inspired by real flowers like Morning Glory, Lily of the Valley, Angel Trumpet, and many more.

These flowers bear flower buds in the spring and bloom in the early morning. Besides, the petal colors are also similar to Angel of the Dreams.