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See You Around Petunia Meaning With [Full Story]

After confirming the break up with Kim Chiu, Xian Lim has shared a heartfelt post for her.

In the post, Xian is thankful to Kim for 12 years of a healthy and romantic relationship. Without revealing a reason for the breakup, he wishes her to find a better suit that she deserves and searches for. 

If you wish to know the complete segment of the couple’s story with the linkage to that of See You Around Petunia meaning, read this post completely. 

Petunia Flower Meaning 

Do you know Petunia flowers are ornamental flowers that are vibrant in the summer months and these flowers symbolize “your company suits me” in Victorian weddings?

Generally, the Petunia flower embodies meanings such as anger, and resentment, and the feeling of being with you is soothing. 

blue petunia
Blue Petunia is the original Species.

Besides, there are several meanings of Petunia flowers based on the flower’s colors.

  • Red – Love and passion
  • Blue – Deep faith, intimacy, and serenity
  • White – Innocence, truth, and grace
  • Purple – Charm, imagination, grace, mystery, and witchcraft
  • Pink – Motherly love, womanhood, kindness, and gentleness
  • Yellow – Respect, friendship, and sympathy

The Story Behind See You Around Petunia

On December 23, 2023, Xian Lim posted an Instagram post with pictures of Kim Chiu with him as a couple along with long captions.

In the post, he mentions his gratitude and respect for Kim who was in a relationship for twelve years. 

Xian post
Xian’s post seems peaceful without complaint.

He adds that the relationship between them for more than a decade was nothing but full of love and support.

Xian admires her as a long-term relationship partner and artist. Also, he expresses his thankfulness for her unconditional love and peacefully bids bye with the literary note.

He addresses Xian as the Petunia at the end of the post to symbolize love, friendship, and respect and the feeling of being with Kim is soothing.

“I’ll see you around Petunia” may have a meaning that Xian wants to be around her near future but as an artist friend. 

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What’s more about Petunia?

Petunia are prolific annual bloomers with broad, trumpet-shaped flowers and radiating foliage, which is hairy and relatively sticky.

You can grow these flowers in pots and spacious gardens to enjoy natural beauty. 

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