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Sophora Bonsai [Learn To Buy, Grow & Care]

Adding Sophora Bonsai is better than adding any showpiece inside your living space as the plant can make your indoor aesthetics lively and can fit even in a little space.

Generally, you can buy different species of Sophora Bonsai from nearby nurseries or commercial online stores like Scenic Hill Farm Nursery, Ecoleasing, Kaipara Coast Plant Center, and many more. 

You can enjoy Sophora Bonsai of 3 different Sophora species, Sophora japonica (Japanese Pagoda Tree), Sophora prostrata (Little Baby Sophora), and Sophora microphylla (New Zealand Kowhai).

Go through this entire article to know everything about the Sophora tree in detail and the failproof tips to grow and care for the miniature tree.

What Does Sophora Bonsai Look Like?

Usually, Sophora Bonsai is the visually appealing Bonsai that bears dark green leaves containing 5-11 leaflets. The color of the leaves can vary as light green or golden depending on the species.

When you have a close look at the lower part of the young tree, you can see smooth, brown, or grey bark that gradually bears rough fissures upon the tree’s maturity.

Sophora Bonsai in a pot
Ensure your Sophora tree is healthy before buying it.

Moreover, the appearance of the tree becomes even more amazing during the spring. At this time, the tree bears beautiful pea-like hanging flowers in clumps.

The blossoms are white, yellow, violet, or lavender depending on the species.

After the flowers fade in fall, they turn into bean-like pods or fruits that carry seeds. The fruits also give the tree a vibrant look.

A mature Sophora Bonsai tree can grow about 12-30 inches big, based on the species. You can grow this tree more compactly applying bonsai techniques.

Where To Buy Sophora Bonsai?

You can buy different species of Sophora Bonsai from nearby nurseries or commercial online stores.

While buying Sophora, never hesitate to ask about the plant’s age, condition, height, and health clearly to the bonsai owner.

Place To BuySpecies
Scenic Hill Farm NurserySophora prostrata
EcoleasingSophora japonica
Kaipara Coast Plant CenterSophora microphylla

How To Grow & Care Sophora Bonsai?

You can grow miniature Sophora with the seeds or seedlings but buying already established trees can be less challenging to grow and care for.

If you are growing from seeds, sowing the seeds in early spring and transplanting them later is the best method.

  • Choose a terracotta container with enough drainage holes and fill it with a well-draining potting mix.
  • Plant the seedlings in the container. Planting it on the edge instead of the center can result in visually appealing bonsai.
  • Keep the water moist but not waterlogged to prevent root rot.
  • Place the plant in indirect sunlight during hot summers and use frost blankets to prevent them from chilling temperature.
  • Feed the tree with diluted bonsai fertilizer only during the growing season.
  • Prune the tree regularly to maintain the miniature size.
  • Wiring can be the better option to turn your bonsai into the desired shape.

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Sophora Bonsai: Choose The Best Species!

If you have a spacious indoor garden, choosing Sophora japonica is perfect as it grows bigger than other Sophora species and boasts beautiful creamy-white flowers.

However, choosing Sophora microphylla or Sophora prostrata can be a good decision if you are into vibrant color blossoms and visually appealing foliage.