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Ryan Neil Bonsai Attack: Did It Really Happen?

After the release of Trees And Other Entanglements, Ryan Neil has been a celebrity all over the bonsai community.

Indeed, Ryan Neil’s bonsai trees got vandalized secretly in his absence. The Trees And Other Entanglements has also covered the same incident but the suspect is under shadow. 

So, if you are curious to know who did, attack Ryan Neil bonsai, keep this article with you.

Did Ryan Neil Get Harmed From Attack?

No, Ryan Neil is safe and does great with his bonsai. Recently Ryan starred documentary movie, Trees And Other Entanglements which was released and discussed in mass and appreciated.

He lives with his son happily and pursues his contribution to bonsai culture in the US. 

Ryan owns Bonsai Mirai, a nursery, a YouTube Channel, and a Website through which he shares his experience of growing and taking care of bonsai.

Bonsai Mirai Studio
Ryan grows and practices bonsai in his Bonsai Mirai Studio.

Besides, he also manages Bonsai Empire, a YouTube Channel, and a Website.

In fact, Bonsai Mirai, a nursery hosts bonsai classes, and apprentices, sells bonsai trees to collectors and onboards and maintains clients’ bonsai.

The nursery also houses 800 plus bonsai trees. 

What Happened In Ryan Neil Bonsai Attack?

In his old YouTube video, Ryan shared that his Bonsai Mirai was attacked and vandalized on December 27, 2021. In the attack, he lost some of his bonsai trees.

It all happened at night so Ryan knew about the incident only the next morning. 

Bonsai Mirai Vandalized
The morning view of Bonsai Mirai looked like this after vandalism.

Though there was a security camera installed, the attacker was not recognized. This scene was also featured in Trees And Other Entanglements. 

And many are guessing that the suspect is Ryan’s ex-wife who attacked Ryan’s bonsai trees and did all that due to her dissatisfaction with Ryan.

Though bonsai trees were destroyed, Ryan took it very positively and filled himself with motivation and new energy to do more stuff in bonsai culture. 

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The Attacker is Only a Theory!

Though many people are speculating the suspect to be Ryan’s wife due to her anger after the divorce, there is no strong piece of evidence to confirm this.

And, Ryan has also not taken any law treatment regarding this. So, we cannot blame anyone without any factual evidence for Ryan Neil bonsai attack.