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Joshua Tree Bonsai: Ultimate Grow & Care Guide

You need art to manipulate the growth of the Joshua tree to keep it in a miniature bonsai form. However, with meticulous care, patience, and appreciation, creating a miniature form is not that hard.

Generally, growing Bonsai from the Joshua plant needs dedication and time, it’s challenging to find a Joshua plant specially cultivated for Bonsai. Also, you can buy dwarf seedlings or seeds only from reputed stores as the plant is protected in the wild in many states.

Go through this full article to learn about the Joshua plant in detail and the suitable places to buy the seeds or seedlings.

How Fast Does Joshua Tree Grow?

Joshua Tree does not grow as fast as other rapidly growing plants. It’s because this plant is adapted to harsh and dry climates and focuses on reserving energy rather than growth.

Despite the slow growth, the lifespan of this tree is very long. An average tree can live up to 800-1000 years.

Although the plant grows slowly, the growth rate of the young seedling is very fast. In the first 5-10 years, the tree can grow about 3 inches per year.

Joshua miniature form
Joshua Tree bonsai is hard to find in general nurseries or stores.

As the plant grows mostly in a harsh environment, the fast growth of seedlings helps it to settle itself properly.

After the end of the seedling stage, the growth of the Joshus tree becomes gradually slow. An average adult tree grows only about 1-1.5 inches per year.

Thus, to reach the height of 20-40 feet, it takes the tree about 60-70 years. The slow growth and low height make this tree highly suitable for bonsai.

Joshua Bonsai Tree For Sale

As growing Bonsai from the Joshua plant needs dedication and time, it’s challenging to find a Joshua plant specially cultivated for Bonsai.

Also, it’s illegal to take seedlings or cuttings of this tree due to the protected status. You can buy seedlings from these reputed online stores that sell the plants sustainably.

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How To Grow And Care For Joshua Tree Bonsai?

Although Joshua tree is slow grower, they are still not the easiest trees for bonsai. The specific care demands make it quite challenging to grow a miniature tree from a seedling.

Before growing Joshua Tree for bonsai choose a terracotta container with enough drainage holes. Also, fill the pot with well-draining, succulent-friendly potting soil.

  • Plant the bonsai seedling or seed during early spring. Before sowing seeds, soak them in lukewarm water overnight.
  • Seeds will germinate within 4 weeks to 6 months as the plant is a slow grower.
  • If you are growing the bonsai from seedlings, provide it with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily. Direct sunlight is vital for seeds reaching seedling stages too.
  • Water the seedling only when the top 2 inches of the soil feels dry.
  • In excessive temperatures, relocate bonsai indoors or use frost blankets to protect them from freezing cold.
  • In the growing phase, regular pruning is necessary to maintain their small height.

Never fertilize the tree too much even during growing season. Feed or hydrate this plant in an amount that keeps it alive.

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Additional Tips!

Remember that Joshua Trees are protected in the wild in many states. So, before buying the seedlings, seeds, or bonsai, make sure the store is reputed.

Also, it’s very challenging to create or even care for already cultivated bonsai. So, it’s better to research properly and contact a bonsai expert in any difficulties if you are a beginner.