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Raimondi Cove Plant: The Rare Plant Species Of Puya Genus

Do you know Raimondi Cove Plant reaches maturity only after 100 years, flowers only once in a lifetime, and can live over 1000 years?

Generally, Raimondi Cove Plant is one of the most rare and strangest plants that can reach about 12 m in height. It’s extremely difficult to grow this plant outside the natural habitat but there are some online stores that sell the seedlings and seeds if you can fulfill the plant’s requirements.

Raimondi Cove Plant (Puya raimondi) is a unique and rare plant that can grow at a high altitude of about 3800 m.

Go through this entire article to know about the amazingly strange Raimondi plant and know where to buy this beauty. 

What Does Raimondi Cove Plant Look Like?

Raimondi Cove Plant is one of the most rare and strangest plants that looks just like a Pineapple plant at first glance.

When you focus on the leaves, this plant bears densely packed foliage with a sharp tip. The overall look of the plant is just like a rosette due to the heavy leaves.

Immature Raimondii Cove Plant
It’s near to impossible to see Raimondii Cove Plant mature.

Moreover, the silvery-grey leaves have smooth surfaces and when you touch them, you can feel the soft, fleshy texture. This plant can reach about 12 m in height.

Additionally, in the center of the plant, you can find the long, cylindrical core which is the Raimondi flower. The tower-like flower can reach up to 3 meters.

Raimondi plant is the slowest growing g plant and flowering may take centuries but when it blooms with thousands of bright yellow flowers, it looks amazingly attractive.

Raimondi Cove Plant for Sale

As Raimondi Cove Plant is very rare, it’s difficult to find seedlings or young plants in the local nurseries. However, there are some online commercial stores that sell the seeds and seedlings.

However, be aware of online scammers that do not sell genuine products. Always buy this plant from reputed online stores.

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How To Grow And Care Raimondi Cove Plant?

Raimondi Cove Plant is in a protected state in many countries due to the rareness of the plant. So, make sure to check the legality before growing this plant.

Also, it’s nearly impossible to grow the plant or germinate the seeds outside the natural habitat of the plant. However, if you really want to try growing the plant, here are some tips:

  • Get a healthy Raimondii seed or seedling and fill a terracotta container with well-draining soil.
  • Sow the seed in the soil and keep the soil moist. The germination needs very cold temperatures and may take years.
  • If you are using seedlings, plant them in the center of the pot and keep the soil moist.
  • As Raimondii does not like much water, make sure the soil is not waterlogged to prevent root rot.
  • Place the plant in full sunlight from the younger stage.

These are just a few growing tips. Puya raimondii is a highly demanding plant and needs proper growing conditions to thrive.

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Don’t Miss This!

It’s impossible to grow Raimondii Cove Plant if you are from a location that receives high temperatures and rainfall. So, it’s better to avoid buying the plant or seeds if you are from tropical or subtropical regions.

Even if you grow the plant, it takes more than or equal to 100 years to mature and grow flowers. So, make up your mind before spending a lot of money on the plant.