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Wishful Flower Tree: Real Or Imagination? [Explained]

Imagine a tree with a unique and artistic appearance and visually appealing magical wishful flower petals that grant everything you dream of.

Generally, Wishful Flower Tree is not a real tree but an imaginative interpretation by Ivana Raymond Van Deer Ven in her song ‘Wishful Flowers’. Based on the song, Wishful Flower tree is a tall and majestic tree with unique blossoms with vibrant colors that grant wishes to everyone who sees it.

Go through this entire article to know everything about the beautiful Wishful Flowers and the tree with unique meanings and symbolism.

What Does Wishful Flower Tree Look Like?

Wishful Flower tree is a tall and majestic tree with a wide trunk and smooth bark. The bark of the tree has beautiful floral patterns but when you touch it, it feels smooth and delicate.

Moreover, the branches of the tree are also visually appealing and bear several unique stems with amazingly shimmering leaves that shine and expand in the sun.

Cherry Blossom as Wishful Flower tree
People in some places also consider Cherry Blossoms as Wishful Flowers.

During the spring, the tree bears beautiful blossoms with vibrant colors. The flowers bloom with different colors in a Wishful Flower Tree.

The Wishful Flowers in the tree bloom perfectly and can grow more vibrant in the sunlight. The petals are delicate and glowy and make a soft sound when blooming.

Additionally, the colorful flowers in Wishful Tree have a sweet and alluring fragrance.

Is Wishful Flower Tree Real?

Wishful Flower Tree is not a real tree but an imaginative interpretation by Ivana Raymond Van Deer Ven in her song ‘Wishful Flowers.’

In the song, Ivana described different flowers smiling at the god’s door rather than a single flower. She also describes the flowers in a unique way.

Also, the petals of the wishful flowers have the capacity to fulfill the wishes of anyone who sees the flowers. Ivana also describes that the flower is god’s favorite.

In reality, no flower has the ability to grant the wishes of the one who sees them.

Moreover, the purpose of the flower is to allure the pollinators towards it and help the plant to pollinate and spread further.

However, some people in Asian countries like China and Japan know the Cherry Blossom tree as a wishful flower tree due to the blooms resembling cotton candy.

Wishful Flower Tree Meaning

The Wishful Flowers have different symbolic meanings as Ivana did not mention anything clearly. However, the way the tree stands tall and silent is a symbol of dignity and patience.

Moreover, the tree bearing unusual leaves and branches with smooth and marked barks indicates the uniqueness. The flower it bears every spring is the symbol of fertility.

Additionally, the different color and delicate nature of Wishful Flowers represents beauty and delicacy. The way the Wishful Tree blooms with colorful blossoms gives the meaning of transformations.

As the writer mentions Wishful Flowers in the graves with a temporary appearance, represent the ghostly presence of other blossoms.

However, the addition of the flowers and reappearance with an outstanding aura indicates the symbol of hope and regeneration.

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As the writer of the Song ‘Wishful Flowers’ did not mention the looks and meanings of the flower clearly, it’s up to your imagination how you interpret the Wishful flowers.

Overall, Ivana has described the Wishful Flower as visually appealing blossoms with lots of secrets and emotions. Listening to the song clearly can also give you a more clear definition of Wishful Tree.

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