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Honduran Simoes Plant: Everything You Need To Know

Honduran Simoes Plant is also called Morning Glory as it bears amazing flowers that open in the morning and close before sunset.

Generally, The Honduran Simoes Plant is a vining plant that can grow relatively faster and reach about 8-50 feet. You can use the tuber of this plant for food and medicine but never feed them to pets are the saponin inside the plant is harmful to pets and may even lead to death.

Honduran Simoes Plant (Distimake tuberosus) is also commonly known as Ipomea tuberosa or Moon Flower.

Go through this full article to learn everything about the Honduran Simoes Plant, its edible values, and other uses.

What Does Honduran Simoes Plant Look Like?

The Honduran Simoes Plant is a vining plant that can grow relatively faster and reach about 8-50 feet.

When you look at the delicate stems of this plant, you can see them twining with a hairy appearance. This helps the plant to grip the surface and climb further.

honduran simoes planttrailing
Honduran Simoes flowers can brighten your garden with yellow blossoms.

Moreover, the plant leaves are dark green to reddish-purple with a lobed appearance. You can find 5-7 loves in a single leaf.

During summer to fall, the Honduran plant bears beautiful trumpet-shaped, bright yellow flowers with a beautiful star shape in the center. The size of the blossoms is about 2-3 inches.

After the flowers fade, they give rise to brownish capsules containing 1-4 black seeds. The seeds disperse and give rise to a new Honduran Plant in a suitable condition.

Is Honduran Simoes Plant Edible?

The Honduran Simoes Plant has tuberous roots that give rise to an edible brownish tuber similar to a sweet potato. The tuber is white and starchy, milder than a sweet potato.

Tuber of Honduran Plant is also called Mexican Yams. You can eat them cooked, steamed, or mashed.

However, some people may get allergies to eating the tubers. Upon heavy consumption, you may also feel gastrointestinal disorders due to mild saponin presence.

Moreover, you must not consume other parts like stems, leaves, and flowers as they contain high amounts of saponin. Consuming saponin may cause nausea, vomiting, and severe stomach upsets.

Although the tuber is edible for humans, never feed them to your pets. Even a small consumption may lead to nausea, dizziness, stomach upset, organ failure, and even death.

In case of accidental consumption, contact:

Honduran Simoes Plant Uses

The Honduran Simoes Plant is a beautiful perennial plant with amazing ornamental values. This plant can renovate your summer garden with its yellow blossoms.

Other than ornamental properties, you can benefit from other parts like stems, leaves, and tubers.

  • Antibacterial properties in the plant leaf extract help you get rid of bacterial and fungal diseases in the skin.
  • Honduran plant is also a traditional medicine for issues like cough, rheumatism, fever, etc.
  • The tuber from the plant can be a good source of food due to the presence of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates.
  • Moreover, the cascading vines in the trellis give your garden a unique and classy look.
  • In some regions, people also use the tubers to feed pigs and other livestock.
  • High fiber on the stems of the Honduran plant can be useful to make ropes.

You can grow this Yellow Morning Glory even in the hanging baskets if you don’t have enough space in your garden. 

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Although the parts of the Honduran Plant have traditional medicinal value, the research is limited. So, consult your doctor before consuming or applying any parts of the plant as medicine.

The tubers of this plant also contain mild saponin. Soaking the tuber in cold water for an hour can remove maximum saponin from the tuber, making it ready to eat.