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Pressed Coconut Water Vs Coconut Water: Which One To Get?

If you want coconut water for drinking, nutrition, or cooking purposes, you should know better about pressed coconut water vs. coconut water.

One has been consumed for centuries, while the other offers many usages.

Pressed coconut water is a newer discovery with a creamier appearance, higher nutritional value, and many cooking uses than regular coconut water, which has been around for a while but offers only a few uses or benefits.

Let us tell you why one is better than the other so that you can make an informed choice.

Pressed Vs. Regular Coconut Water

Although the history of coconut is often debated, its uses and nutritional value remain strong.

Coconut water is the most preferred natural choice for hydration and essential nutrients, and people from all classes have enjoyed its benefits.

However, a new player has entered the scene –pressed coconut water, offering a unique taste and various cooking uses.

Many wonder whether they are the same! Pressed coconuts are a recent discovery, while regular or traditional coconut water has existed for hundreds of years.

pressed coconut water vs coconut water
Regular coconut water (left) vs. pressed coconut water (right).

Let us discuss pressed coconut water vs. coconut water to learn more about their differences.

1. Preparing Process 

The most crucial difference between pressed and regular coconut water is their preparation.

If you ask the manufacturer, they would specifically mention pressed coconut water instead of just coconut water because they are pressed to obtain it.

You can get regular coconut water from inside the young, green coconuts. The older the coconut gets, the less water it has indicated by its brownish color.

However, obtaining the pressed coconut water takes a very different approach, where you must press the young coconut’s flesh or meat to get the liquid.

The freshly obtained flesh is pressed in a machine to get the creamy liquid, which has a thick appearance and flavor.

Therefore, obtaining regular coconut water is easy as you can quickly make a hole in the shell to get the liquid inside.

2. Nutritional Value

Let us look into the nutritional value of pressed coconut water vs. coconut water.

You will find that pressed coconut water contains more calories than regular coconut water.

Regular coconut water is low in calories, about 44 per 8 ounces but has high energy items; 600mg potassium, 60mg magnesium, and 57mg calcium.

On the other hand, it has low sugar, carbohydrates, fat, and protein content, which makes it a great drink after exercising.

Pressed coconut water is more nutritional, containing higher carbohydrates, protein, and fats. It contains up to 12 grams of carbohydrates and 1 gram of fat, the primary source of calories (60 grams).

Therefore, it is less used as an energizing drink and more as a cooking item.

3. Cooking Uses

Regular coconut water shines as a natural drink for making your body and mind active.

Therefore, coconut water has mainly energy-drink uses and gets in preparing smoothies, cocktails, and tropical dishes.

regular coconut water
Regular coconut water adds a mild sweetness to balance the spicy flavor of meals.

On the other hand, creamy pressed coconut water lends many cooking uses. It makes an excellent choice for preparing thick curries, soups, and sauces.

It adds flavor to ice creams and sweets, providing a base for creamy cakes and baked items.

Therefore, people prefer pressed ones for flavor and cooking while regular serves a popular drink.

Choose Between Pressed and Regular Coconut Water

Now that you know the differences between pressed and regular coconut water, let us make an informed decision.

Regular Coconut WaterPressed Coconut Water
It only extracts water from the coconutIt uses the flesh of the coconut
It has a bland to mild flavorIt has rich, creamier flavor
A light and refreshing drink to satisfy your thirstA creamier and nutrient rich drink to satiate your hunger
Many refer to it for a coconut waterSome may refer to it as a coconut milk
It contains more electrolytes and less calories (protein, carbs, and fats)It contains varying electoryles with more protein, carbs, and fats
It serves as a popular drinking choice and a few culinary applicationIt provides variety of popular culinary applications; food, desserts, and drinks
It is easy and quick to obtainIt requires a mechanical tool to obtain and longer to process

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Pressed and regular coconut water offers unique benefits and can cater to different preferences.

Remember, the nutritional value can vary based on the size and thickness of each coconut, age, and water availability.