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Pothos Fertilizer: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that fertilizing your Pothos plant can make all the difference in keeping it healthy and thriving?

Generally, you must fertilize your Pothos monthly during the growing season using a slightly diluted water-soluble NPK balance of 10-10-10. Undiluted fertilizer in excessive amounts may burn the roots of your Pothos.

In this article, you’ll learn everything about your garden soil, the nutrients, and the proper fertilizers to improve your Pothos.

Pothos Fertilizer: Everything You Need to Know

Pothos aren’t heavy feeders but lose vigor and become more sensitive to pests and disease due to inadequate nutrients.

Therefore, fertilizing your Pothos is necessary to fulfill their nutrient demands for healthy growth.

Signs Your Pothos Has Fertilizer Issues

The most common sign that Pothos shows due to fertilizer issues are leaves turning yellow.  

However, there are several other signs that this plant hint if you over or under-fertilize it.

Slow growthStunted growth
Pale yellow leavesYellowing & wilting of lower leaves
Necrotic lesions on the leaf surfaceBrowning of leaf tips and margins
Chlorosis of entire plantDropping of leaves
Weak and soft rootsBrown or black roots

The Right Time to Fertilize Pothos

You must first determine the current nutrient status of your soil before applying fertilizer.

For this, you must test the soil your Pothos is thriving because plants use up different quantities yearly.

Fertilize your Pothos every two to six weeks as they begin to develop actively in the spring and summer.

However, you must avoid fertilizing them in winter as the plant goes dormant.

NPK Values of Fertilizer for Pothos

Knowing the Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) values of your soil and fertilizer will help you give your plants the proper quantity of nutrients.

A balanced fertilizer (i.e., an equal NPK ratio of 10-10-10) will be perfect for your Pothos.

Nitrogen (N)Plant's growth and the formation of lush leaves.
Phosphorus (P)Production of roots, development of flowers and fruits, and strengthen plant stems.
Potassium (K)Movement of water and nutrients in your plants, as well as increasing disease resistance.

What is The Best Fertilizer for Pothos?

When choosing inorganic fertilizers, search for blends with the optimal nutrient balance for your soil. 

Use a complete slow-release fertilizer if you’re going with chemical fertilizers (an equal solution of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium). 

Organic fertilizers are best for plants as they have no side effects.

However, they must be broken down in the soil into inorganic compounds before plant use.

Organic fertilizers list
You can mix these items or use them singly to fertilize your Pothos.

Coffee grounds are an excellent organic fertilizer and contain more nitrogen than potassium and phosphate.

For Pothos, you need not go for special Pothos food as all-purpose fertilizer works well for it.

Here are some commercial recommendations for Pothos fertilizers:

Things to Keep in Mind While Fertilizing Your Pothos

Underfertilization may deprive your Pothos of nutrients, whereas excessive fertilizer may burn your plant’s roots.

  • Fertilize your Pothos in low amounts at regular intervals rather than in large quantities simultaneously.
  • Fertilize frequently to ensure that nutrients are distributed evenly throughout the soil.
  • Fertilizers should not come into contact with moist foliage.
  • Fertilize only when the weather is dry to avoid excess salt concentrations in the soil.

How to Fertilize Pothos?

You must follow the right way of fertilizing your Pothos to provide them with all the nutrients for their healthy growth.

  • Remove any decayed leaves or browned patches so that the plant delivers vital energy and nutrients to healthy areas.
  • Water the soil before applying the fertilizer to avoid over-absorption of nutrients.
  • Apply the fertilizer evenly and carefully over the top of your plant’s soil and remove any excess water from the saucer.
  • Ensure the fertilizer never contacts the foliage to avoid discolorations or burns.

Top Tips to Treat an Overfertilized Pothos

Plant roots that have been extensively injured have a very low chance of revival.

Here’s a quick checklist for dealing with fertilizer burn.

  • Set the plant in the sink or another good spot and thoroughly flush it with distilled water.

  • Between watering intervals, ensure the plant has plenty of room to drain.
  • Remove wilted or scorched leaves so the afflicted plant develops new foliage more quickly.

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Use Natural Fertilizers for your Pothos

You can make homemade fertilizer by mixing banana peels, compost, egg shells, aquarium water, and rice water equally.

This mixture is the perfect fertilizer for your Pothos with balanced NPK and calcium.

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