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Plant Growing From Within: Is It Possible?

In 2010, news about a plant growing from within the human body amazed everyone. Since then, everybody has been curious about how this miracle happened.

Generally, it’s not normal for a plant to grow inside the human body. However, there was a rare incident with a British citizen Alan who accidentally inhaled a pea that reached into his lungs and started growing as a new plant within his body.

So, if this news is creating confusion and curiosity inside your mind, go through this full article to know what actually happened with Alan.

What Do You Call The Plant That Just Started Growing?

Basically, the newly growing plant in the young stage of its life is called a seedling. The term seedling is due to the growth of a new plant from the seed stage.

However, there are specific names depending on the plants. It’s important to know more specific terms to know the stages beyond the seedling stage.

Plant growing within human body
If the seed gets proper moisture and carbon dioxide, it can even sprout inside human lungs.

The seed of a plant that is regarded as growing from within the soil lacking leaves is a sprout. It also has a further growth before turning into a seedling.

Similarly, in some plants, after the sprouting stage, you can see two leaves with oval shapes. These leaves are cotyledon leaves for the nourishment of the plant.

Nevertheless, the common and easiest way to understand the plant that has just started growing is the term seedling. 

Can A Plant Start Growing From Within the Human Body?

It’s not normal for a plant to grow inside the human body. However, the rare case occurred with a British citizen Alan Sveden.

When Alan was drinking soup, he accidentally inhaled a pea. The pea went directly into his lungs without letting Alan know what was happening.

After some days, he had difficulties breathing with blood in his cough. At first, doctors were sure that this case was a potential cancer.

However, the X-ray reports amazed the doctors. It showed that the seed from a pea plant sprouted and was growing within the lungs.

Fortunately, Alan completely recovered after the removal of that pea seed with surgery. So, it’s rare and unusual but it is not impossible for a plant to start growing from within the human body. 

Nevertheless, it’s impossible for a seed to grow inside our stomach as the acids inside the stomach digest the seeds you swallow. The seed sprouted in Alan’s lungs due to the favorable and moist environment inside the lung.

What Are The 5 Stages Of Plant Growth?

When a mature plant sheds a seed on earth, the seed has to go through several stages from germination to maturity and death.

  • Upon a favorable environment and moisture, the seed starts to germinate and the youngest stage is the sprout stage.
  • After the sprout starts to grow, it forms two oval leaves for the plant’s nourishment, which is the cotyledon stage.
  • Upon further growth, the cotyledon leaves start to turn yellow and the first set of true leaves starts to emerge which is a seedling stage.
  • After the seedling stage, the plant matures towards a vegetative state and develops reproductive organs like flowers and fruits.
  • Thus, reproductive growth leads to the production of seeds and spreading them by pollination and dispersal.
  • After the maturity of the plant, the final stage is aging and death. This stage varies depending on the type of the plant as annual plants die within a year but perennials continue their life for years.

During the seedling and reproductive stage, the plant completely focuses on growth and reproduction and needs proper watering and monitoring.

Moreover, the plant becomes susceptible to pests and diseases. Use pesticides, fungicides, or neem oil if you find any signs of pests and diseases.

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Additional Information!

Apart from the human body, there are many examples of plants growing within the plants. These are the true or hemiparasites including Mistletoes, Cuscuta, etc.

These parasites take their minerals and water from the host plant and sometimes even damage areas of the host plant where they grow.

Additionally, there are some amazing plants that astonishingly grow into concrete cracks, creating a mini landscape.