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Queen Of The Night Flower Meaning: Spiritual And Religious

Queen of the Night flower is a nocturnal bloomer and if you see it blooming, it is the symbolic meaning that your luck has now started.

Generally, the Queen of the Night flower is a special Cactus flower that blooms only at night and wilts by the next morning. This flower holds various spiritual and religious meanings like luck, prosperity, mystery, purity, transformation, rebirth, and many more.

Queen of the Night flower (Epiphyllum oxypetalum) also known as night-blooming Cereus or Dutchman’s pipe cactus is a fascinating plant with exotic looks.

So, go through this entire article to know the spiritual and religious meaning and symbolism of the beautiful Queen of the Night flower.

What Does Queen Of The Night Flower Look Like?

The Queen of the Night flower is an amazing flower that blooms on the top of the cactus and looks just like a crown.

This flower has 8-12 long and slender cascading petals that bear a beautiful white color. Whole blossoms reach about 8 inches in diameter. 

Moreover, the blossom contains delicate petals with intense, sweet fragrance and golden stamens in the center giving the flower an artistic appearance.

Queen of the Night flower blooming
You have to wake up at night to see Queen of the Night blooming.

The golden-colored stamens and the strong perfume help in attracting beneficial insects for pollination. The scent resembles the assembly of vanilla and fruits.

One of the special things about this cactus is it blooms only at night and wilts by next morning. You can see this plant blooming during late summer.

Although it’s a cactus, it does not have spines but rather can trail through the support with its unique green stems.

Queen Of The Night Flower Meaning

There are several cultural, spiritual, and religious meanings of the Queen of the Night flower. These are connected to the plant’s natural characteristics.

  • The flower lasts for only one night giving the symbolic meaning of the transient nature of life. This also represents the fleeting beauty and ephemerality of the flower.
  • As the flower blooms only in the darkness, it symbolizes mystery and secrets associated with hidden desires and unspoken love.
  • Moreover, the pure white blossoms are the symbolic meaning of purity and innocence. It also represents feminity and elegance.
  • Also, the overall luring appearance of the flower symbolizes beauty and grace.
  • As Queen of the Night closes in the morning, it represents transformations and rebirth.
  • In some cultures, there is a saying that the person who witnesses the Queen of the Night blooming becomes lucky and prosperous.

These spiritual and religious meanings of the graceful Queen of the Night flower are associated with different folklore, cultures, and religions.

How To Grow And Care Queen Of The Night Flower?

The first step to growing the Queen of the Night flower is to choose a healthy plant. Ensure that the plant is free from pests and diseases like leaf spots, chlorosis, etc.

You can also propagate the plant from the stem cuttings but it’s more challenging and requires a lot of time and effort.

  • Plant the seedlings in a terracotta container with enough drainage holes filled with well-draining cactus potting mix.
  • Keep the soil moist and only water the plant whenever the soil feels 2 inches dry. 
  • Always provide bright indirect light. Placing the plant in the south-facing window is perfect.
  • Moreover, use sheer curtains if the plant faces too much direct sunlight.
  • Place the plant in a warm temperature of about 68-80°F. Make sure you are placing it away from cold drafts or heating vents.
  • Also, feed the plant with diluted cactus food once a month only during the growing season.
  • Use pesticides, fungicides, and neem oil if you notice any signs of pests and diseases.

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Additional Tips On Blooming & pollination!

If you want to see your Queen of the Night flower blooming, you need to be patient as the plant is a slow bloomer. Forcing the plant to bloom may result in plant stress that may even lead to the death of your plant.

To hand pollinate the flower, transfer the yellow pollen dust to the stigma inside the flower with a brush. No blooming is a sign that the plant is either too young or stressed.