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Story Behind Pineapple Owl [Meme] Explained!

Do you know the Pineapple Owl meme went viral 10 years after its release? 

Generally, Pineapple Owl is a meme that intersects the pineapple and a pair of owl eyes and legs. It is only photoshop to entertain the audience, and there is no truth to its existence. 

If you want to learn how the meme circulated all over the internet, get this article from top to bottom. 

Pineapple Owl Meme Origin

A Redbubble artist, Felfriast created an artwork of a hybrid of bird and fruit with pineapple and owl.

Pineapple Owl, aka Pineappowl or Pineowl, refers to a photoshop of Pineapple to make it look like a bird. 

Pineapple leaves on the top as a head, hair
It’s a unique mixture of fruit and bird.

It was inspired by the memes of Smurf Cat and Strawberry Elephant.

The owl is intersected into the pineapple with pineapple leaves on the top as a head, hair, and eyes and a curved bill in the center with the legs at the bottom.

Creators have also automated the owl to dance to different songs to make the meme more humorous.

Then, the artwork was published on March 16, 2013, to /r/HybridAnimals and On August 19 on Twitter by @AnimalEdits captioning “Pineowl” and on September 18, 2014, by @FillWerell.

How Did Pineapple Owl Go Viral? 

An artwork got attention in September 2023 when TikTokers began making memes over it. So, the Pineapple Owl meme was viral on TikTok.

On September 11, TikTokers @conquestor_ and @wuhazu posted the edits of Pineapple Owl, mixing the song “Unity” by The FatRat.

The TikTok video earned more than eight and two million plays on the creators’ accounts within two days of release, respectively.

Also, TikTok creator @eeclipsic posted the photo slideshow comparing Alvin and the Chipmunks and Minions to the Pineapple Owl, Smurf Cat, and Strawberry Elephant.

Thus, the meme went viral as it provided witty one-liners or engaged in hilarious situations.

Pineapple Owl Meme Meaning

The Pineapple Owl is a meme that contains a surreal and humorous image featuring a pineapple with a pair of owl eyes and wings.

The Pineapple Owl meme tries to express the confusion, surprise, and disbelief or the absurdity of the internet.

One may share this meme if they see something strange or unexpected. For example, you can use this meme if you hit a bizarre headline or hearsay that you don’t believe.

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Pineapple Owl is the product of inherent absurdity, expressive versatility, and social media circulation. 

People have been sharing the meme whenever they encounter the relatable situation of bizarreness and absurdity.