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Is Venom Better Than Buddha? A Guide For Beginners

Venom and Buddha, the devil fruits with opposite looks and qualities, need profound studies to distinguish which is better among them.

Generally, both Venom and Buddha Fruits are the devil fruits that come under the logia category, which can transform the users into their respective elements. However, both are different in appearance, abilities, playstyle, damage, mobility, and many more.

So, go through this entire article to know the similarities and differences between two popular devil fruits, venom and Buddha, to know which is better.

Venom & Buddha [Similarities]

Both Venom and Buddha Fruits are the devil fruits that come under the logia category, which can transform the users into their respective elements.

Moreover, you can use both fruits in PvP and PvE combat. It is easy to understand and use the full potential of both fruits.

  • Both Venom and Buddha are the fruits from the popular game Blox Fruits.
  • The versatility of both fruits allows you to use them in different playstyles.
  • You can cause huge damage to your opponents using both Venom and Buddha Fruits.
  • The nobility of both fruits is excellent.
  • Both fruits have unique and effective crowd-control abilities, making them suitable for grinding.
  • After awakening, the power of both fruits becomes more enhanced.

Venom Vs. Buddha [Differences]

Venom Fruit, due to its high ability to steal health from the attacks, bears good sustainability. The fruit can also dodge attacks more easily.

Venom and Buddha in Blox Fruits
Venom is bright-themed, whereas Buddha is dark-themed devil fruit.

However, Buddha fruit is more durable than Venom Fruit. The excellent ability of the fruit to convert damaging attacks into healing power makes it more sustainable.

1. Appearance

Buddha Fruit has a golden glow with the structure resembling the statue of Lord Buddha in its basic form. After awakening, the fruit’s golden hue brightens, and the surface starts developing intricate symbols representing enlightenment.

In contrast, the Venom Fruit is a dark-themed fruit that bears a dark purple body with green veins representing toxicity. The awakened form develops a more vibrant green color, with branched veins forming a network.

2. Abilities

After using Venom Fruit, you will get the amazing ability to cause damage over time and use AoE attacks to defend your enemies. 

In contrast, the abilities of Buddha Fruit are high defense, slams, and turning damaging attacks into healing powers while fighting with opponents on the battlefield.

3. Playstyles

Venom Fruit allows you to follow an opportunistic playstyle that includes aggressive, hit-and-run tactics. Moreover, the toxin inside the fruit can also weaken the enemies.

Meanwhile, Buddha Fruit is perfect for the supportive playstyle that can save the users and their teammates from the damage caused by opponents.

4. Damage

Venom Fruit can cause serious damage to the enemies and is the master of damage over time (DoT). This fruit spreads the poison cloud that causes poison rainfalls to weaken the enemies.

Moreover, the snake bites from this fruit cause toxic damage to the enemies.

In contrast, Buddha fruit can also cause damage to the opponents by using Buddha slams, Buddha punches, etc. However, this fruit is mostly useful for regeneration and healing.

5. Mobility

Venom Fruit is also called Sky Serpent as it can swirl in the air and has enhanced jumps and air dashes that help in poisonous rainfall and surrounding the enemies.

Meanwhile, the mobility of Buddha Fruit is not as enhanced as Venom Fruit due to its large size. The low mobility is the reason why the fruit is unable to avoid its enemies.

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Venom Vs. Buddha: Which Is Better?

If you want an aggressive and offensive fruit with enhanced mobility and high damage potential, it’s better to choose Venom Fruit.

However, choosing Buddha Fruit is better if you are in search of highly defensive fruit with good durability and healing abilities to support your teammates.