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Is Dongfish Real? Everything You Need To Know

If you are a social media enthusiast, you may have seen a unique marine creature called Dongfish in humorous posts. Whether the Dongfish is real or just an imagination is still an unanswered question.

Generally, there is no scientific evidence, such as research papers and findings from reputed marine biologists, to prove that Dongfish exists in the real world. The popularity of this fish was elevated due to the memes and other sarcastic posts on the internet.

So, go through this complete article to know every detail about Dongfish and know about how this creature existed in the real world.

What Does Dongfish Look Like?

The Dongfish is the type of fish that has a slender body bearing a pinkish color.

Moreover, the fish looks like regular fish with fins and scales. But it is unique due to the huge, round horngus beneath its body.

Basically, the horngus is a round and big sac attached to the fish’s body. Perhaps this body part is to store oxygen to help the fish survive inside the water.

Dongfish with huge horngus
The true value of the Dongfish lies in elevating our sense of humor rather than its physical appearance.

Additionally, the size and shape of this unique organ called horngus can vary. Dongfish can have scrotum-like sacs, or they may bear tentacles, too.

Thus, there is no specific description of what this unique fish looks like. It may vary depending on the illustrations, imaginations, and sites.

Is Dongfish Real?

It’s not sure whether the Dongfish is real or an imaginative character. There is some folklore about the existence of this bizarre creature.

  • The images of the fish online show a clear and detailed description of the appendages and other body parts of the fish.
  • The popular fact-checking site Snopes revealed that the rumor first arrived from Arstotle’s “Biology.” 
  • Later, the Dongfish’s illustrations or images became viral on the internet, such as  Wikipedia, with modified versions in the form of memes, jokes, and other sarcastic posts.

However, there is no scientific evidence, such as research papers and findings from reputed marine biologists, to prove that this creature exists in the real world. 

Additionally, the size of the fish and the shape of the sac and other body parts vary depending on the sites or other sources. This supports the idea that the news is fake and modified.

Furthermore, the shape of this creature and the name represent that it was created for sarcasm rather than to document the new species.

Dongfish Lookalikes 

Although the Dongfish is not a real fish, there are many marine creatures that almost fade the line between real fish and the Dongfish.

  • Goblin Shark with extended Jawlines, sharp teeth, and a pinkish body resembles Dongfish’s body.
  • The Pelecian EEL with a gulping feeding habit looks like Dongfish’s cousin. The big pouch on the Eel’s mouth also supports the resemblance.
  • The Sargassum Fish, camouflaged with fronds,  is also comparable to the Dongfish due to its unusual appearance.
  • Sea Cucumber with elongated body and pulsating tentacles also has similarities with the Dongfish.
  • The Elephant Trunk Fish, with its unique flexible snout, also makes people think about the Dongfish due to its bizarre shape.

These fish survive by eating aquatic plants, algae, and sometimes the soft roots of aquatic plants.

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All You Need To Know!

The lack of scientific evidence, changing descriptions, inconstant images, and humorous illustrations heavily suggest that there is no real creature called Dongfish.

Perhaps the illustration of this fish captured people’s attention in a short time due to the humorous name. The appendage larger than the body of the fish may also be the reason behind its popularity.