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Phoenix Vs Light In Blox Fruits: Which Should You Take?

Although Phoenix and Light fruits are excellent for healing in Blox Fruits, it’s better to know one vs another to fit them in your playstyles.

Generally, both Phoenix and Light Fruits are the types of devil fruits from the popular game Blox Fruits. However, both fruits are different in appearance, abilities, playstyle, utilities, offense, and defense.

So, go through this entire article to know how Phoenix and Light fruits differ from each other and which fruit is better according to your playstyle.

Phoenix & Light Fruits [Similarities]

Both Phoenix and Light fruits are the popular devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits. This game is inspired by the manga and anime series One Piece.

Phoenix Fruit on the left and Light Fruit on the left
Phoenix fruit can regenerate easily, whereas Light Fruit has amazing speed.

Moreover, both are versatile fruits in the game, which help you to fight with your opponent’s team on the battlefield during the fight.

  • Besides the fight, both fruits help the player with their mobility in the game.
  • You can attack the opponent team with offensive abilities using both fruits.
  • Moreover, you can support your team using the fruits’ defensive powers and healing abilities.
  • Both fruits are perfect if you play the game in PvP combat.
  • Also, you can transform yourself into the respective elements in the game using both fruits.
  • Both Phoenix and light fruits are rare and valuable fruits in the game.

Phoenix Vs Light Fruits [Differences]

You will be weak against Haki users if you choose Phoenix Fruit. Light Fruit has the strong capacity to fight against Haki.

So, if you are fighting against Haki, it’s better to choose Light Fruit instead of Phoenix Fruit.

1. Appearance

If you compare the appearance of both Phoenix and Light Fruits, Phoenix Fruit has a flame-like appearance bearing a bright orange color.

Moreover, the fruit has a cubical design with fiery flames on the surface.

In contrast, the appearance of  Light Fruit is radiant white and glowing. The shape of the fruit is more like a star instead of a cubical form.

2. Abilities

After you choose Phoenix Fruits, you will gain amazing abilities like creating fire, flying, and healing the damage caused by the opponent team during the fight.

Meanwhile, you can get abilities like healing and damaging opponents with light intensity and force while fighting in the battleground.

3. Playstyle

Using Phoenix Fruit allows you to attack and kill many enemies and heal the damages caused by opponents, too. Also, you can adapt a hybrid playstyle that combines elements of the tank, support, DPS, and crowd control roles.

In contrast, the playstyle using the Light Fruit can be illuminating power, strong defense capabilities, and protective abilities to support you and your team during the fight.

4. Utilities

Phoenix Fruit comprises different utilities like fire, flights, phoenix slash, phoenix flames, healing, resurrection, AOE attacks, and many more.

Meanwhile, the utilities in the Light Fruit are illuminating power, light speed, teleportation, healing power, blinding radiance, radiant shield, etc.

5. Offense & Defense

Phoenix Fruit has both offensive and defensive powers. You can attack a large number of enemies at once, as well as protect and heal your team using the fruit.

Meanwhile, Light Fruit has more defensive power despite its attacking abilities. This fruit is useful due to its protective capacities and healing powers.

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Phoenix Vs Light Fruit: Which Is Better?

Choosing between Phoenix and Light Fruits entirely depends upon your playstyle.

If you want to damage a huge number of enemies with high regeneration and high healing ability, it’s better to choose Phoenix Fruit.

In contrast, if you want a fruit with long-range attacks, high speed, and farming-worthy abilities, it’s better to choose Light Fruit.