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Spider Vs Love In Blox Fruits: Which Should You Take?

Though both Spider and Love Fruits are excellent in direct combat, they have different strategies and abilities to contribute to the players’ game.

Generally, Spider Fruit is better for controlling the battlefield and overwhelming enemies, while Love Fruit is better for supporting allies, charming enemies, and excelling in exploration.

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Is Spider Better Love In Blox Fruits?

Spider Fruit is excellent in PvP, while Love Fruit focuses on AoE. 

Spider Vs Love In Blox Fruits
Spider and Love have different battle strategies.

Here are more differences between these fruits below.

Spider Fruit 

As the name suggests, Spider Fruit looks like a boxy fruit in white color. To look like a spider, the fruit own three appendages on top and two ones on either side.

It enables the users to manipulate the spiders and silk, commanding over a horde of the arachnids.

Also, users can release the venomous stings, trapping enemies with sticky webs and transforming into the formidable spider queen.

Love Fruit 

Love Fruit is a bright pink fruit with heart-shaped design inward and outward. It allows users to form charming beams, heal lungs, and protect barriers.

The users can shoot a heart-shaped arrow towards the target, and the fruit bursts out upon contact.

Thus, the explosion yields continuous damage effects that impact enemies.

Spider Vs Love In Blox Fruits

Both Spider and Love Fruits are excellent in direct combat individually.

Spider Fruit is good at ranged attacks and crowd control. Its ability includes trapping enemies with webs and inflicting poison destruction in the distance.

However, Love Fruit helps support allies and control enemies. It is beneficial for the whole team with its healing and protective abilities.

Also, its charm beams can transform enemies into temporary allies.

The abilities of the Spider Fruit help create sticky webs for exploration and offer the platform to get to inaccessible areas. Besides, the spider swarm is used to gather resources efficiently.

However, Love Fruit’s charming abilities help pacify aggressive NPCs, making them harmless and granting the players safety in the challenging zones.

Also, it’s healing and protective potentials allow solo exploration, offering a safety net in dangerous conditions.

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Spider vs Love in Blox Fruits: Which is Better for Grinding?

Spider Fruit is better for grinding in open areas where users can control the battleground and utilize its crowd control.

Love Fruit is better in enclosed areas where players are encired by enemies.