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Control Vs Dragon in Blox Fruits: Which Should You Keep?

Choosing the best among Control vs Dragon Fruits is complex as the abilities of both fruits differ according to your playstyle.

Generally, both Control and Dragon Fruits are devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits. However, both have pros and cons and differ in appearance, fighting style, abilities, etc.

Go through this entire article to know the potential difference between Control and Dragon Fruits in detail.

Control & Dragon Fruit [Similarities]

Both Control and Dragon Fruits are the types of powerful devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits. 

Control Fruit on the left and Dragon Fruit on the right
Control Fruit can float, while Dragon Fruit can fly.

Moreover, both fruits have the amazing ability to control the battlefield with their respective powers.

  • Both Control and Dragon Fruits are versatile fruits suitable for different playstyles.
  • You can attack enemies from far away using both of these fruits.
  • Both fruits have a high damage potential and can kill many enemies simultaneously.
  • Also, both fruits are suitable for PvP and PvE combat.
  • Both fruits are considered rare and valuable in the game during the fight.
  • Additionally, both fruits have a good ability to control the battlefield.
  • Both fruits become more powerful when they become awaken.

Control Vs Dragon Fruit [Differences]

After awakening, the range of the Control Fruit increases, and the fruit gains new abilities, such as creating black holes.

In contrast, the Dragon Fruit strengthens and gains new powers like breathing lightning, fire lasers, and many more.

1. Appearance

Control Fruit appears round with a light orange color and swirl patterns on the surface. When you activate the fruit, it changes into a bright blue color with a cubical shape.

Meanwhile, the unactivated Dragon Fruit is also round but has a dark red color. This fruit transforms into the green-colored, dragon-shaped fruit after you activate it.

2. Fighting Style

In the battleground, you can use swords to defeat the opponent team if you choose the control fruit. The swords can work from both long and close ranges.

In contrast, You can transform into a dragon by using Dragon fruit. Also, you can cause huge damage to defeat your enemies during a fight in the battleground.

3. Abilities

Control Fruit is a logia-type fruit that grants you different abilities like floating, lifting huge objects, and controlling the gravity in the battleground.

Meanwhile, you can get the abilities like flying, breathing fire, creating shockwaves, etc. This is more offensive than Control Fruit.

4. Pros & Cons

Even though both are powerful fruits among the devil fruits in Blox Fruits, both have their own pros and cons, making them unsuitable for different playstyles.

Control Fruit Pros & Cons

Although Control Fruit has a good grinding ability, some fruit characteristics make them less effective for grinding than other devil fruits.

  • Controlling the battlefield
  • Both long and close-range attacks
  • Can deal high damage 
  • Easy to use and versatile
  • Easier to find compared to Dragon Fruit
  • Limited mobility
  • Extremely difficult to awaken
  • Difficult to kill the spread enemies
  • Requires a lot of experience to utilize fruit’s potential fully

Dragon Fruit Pros & Cons

Dragon fruit is also powerful and versatile but is very rare to find and difficult to awaken.

  • High Mobility
  • Suitable For AOE attacks
  • Good transformation
  • Can fly
  • Kills the spread of enemies
  • Only suitable for long-range attacks
  • Requires mastery for long-range attacks
  • Rarer than Control Fruit

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Other Fruits With Good Grinding Abilities!

As Control and Dragon Fruits are rare fruits, there are other fruits that have excellent grinding abilities and are easier to use.

The fruits with easy availability and good grinding capacity include Light Fruit, Magma Fruit, Buddha Fruit, Leopard Fruit, Dough Fruit, and many more.