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Ryan Neil Bonsai Controversy: What Happened To Ryan?

Ryan Neil is a renowned personality in the world of bonsai with lots of ideas, visions, and efforts but couldn’t be apart from many controversies.

People criticized Ryan Neil for his teaching skills and business practices. Moreover, they have accused him of self-promoting his teaching courses, bonsai nursery, and slandering his fellow on social media.

Go through this entire article to learn about Ryan Neil, his contributions, and controversies in detail.

About Ryan Neil: A Bonsai Expert

Ryan Neil is a bonsai expert who spent 6 years in Japan to complete his apprenticeship with the popular Bonsai master Masahiko Kimura.

After completing the apprenticeship, he initiated to start of a bonsai nursery with the skills he earned from his master. That initiation resulted in a small piece of heaven, Bonsai Mirai.

Ryan Neil holding a bonsai
People have different perspectives about Ryan Neil.

Ryan founded Bonsai Mirai in 2010. Along with handling the nursery, he also played a lead role in educational programs, workshops, and online content creation.

Among all the achievements, Ryan Neil is well known due to his expertise in growing bonsai and handling Bonsai Mirai. Bonsai Mirai was not only a bonsai nursery but an educational hub and online community for every bonsai lover.

Ryan is still doing his best to improve and enhance Bonsai Mirai and other educational platforms.

Ryan Neil Bonsai Controversy

In the successful journey of inspiring everyone with his amazing skills in growing bonsai and teaching, Ryan couldn’t be apart from many controversies.

No doubt he was a skillful person with lots of vision, ideas, and talents. However, people criticized him for his teaching skills and business practices.

Additionally, there is a controversy about Ryan Neil of only advertising his bonsai nursery and knowledge sharing.

In 2021, there was a controversy that he slandered his fellow on social media who was also a bonsai artist by commenting on his work on bonsai and business practices.

In the same year 2021, there was a huge loss for Ryan due to the vandalism on his nursery and his house. The actual reason and person behind it is still private.

From Editorial Team

Do Not Judge!

Although there are some controversies, you need to know that Ryan Neil is a respectful personality with lots of ups and downs in his life.

Thus, before judging, remember that there are different perspectives among people. It’s important to do your own research deeply before forming an opinion.

Besides, Ryan has earned huge fans and lots of followers on social media. His online courses and workshops are also sold at a good price.