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Mr Beast Planting Trees : Actual Reasons Busted!

In 2019, Mr. Beast again took over the internet when he initiated a project of planting 20 million trees along with Team Trees with a net worth of $20 million.

Generally, this action of Mr. Beast is due to his huge environmental concern against deforestation, climate change, habitat loss, and soil erosions. This collaborative effort has gained popularity as well as criticisms among his audience.

So, go through this entire article to know the actual reasons of Mr. Beast planting trees and the related controversies.

Why Did Mr. Beast Plant 20 Million Trees?

The amazing action of Mr. Beast is due to the huge environmental concern of Mr. Beast against deforestation, climate change, habitat loss, and soil erosions.

Moreover, he believes in setting new challenges and goals, as planting trees in such huge numbers is almost impossible. Upon the success of this plan, it’s sure to leave a long-term impact on the world.

Team Trees that is initiated by Mr Beast planting trees
Mr. Beast’s goal of planting trees inspired collaborative work and environmental awareness.

Additionally, Mr. Beast also enjoys helping the community and revolving around his audiences by entertaining them. This collaborative effort also gains popularity among his audience.

Thus, Mr. Beast is a great personality who set a goal to plant 20 million trees to raise environmental awareness to the wider audience and young generations who adore him.

What Does Planting 20 Million Trees Do?

Surprisingly, Mr. Beast succeeded in planting 20 million trees. Not only that, the plantation is going beyond the number.

So, this motivational work is helping to mitigate climate change through afforestation programs as trees absorb carbon dioxide.

Moreover, the initiation is also helping to restore the disrupted ecosystem. This is also helping to balance the ecosystem by reducing environmental hazards.

The growing trees will definitely improve the air quality, soil quality, and underground water quality effectively.

Additionally, the initiation is also becoming the source of motivation and community engagement for environmental awareness.

Also, this amazing program has provided job opportunities for many jobless people. So, the initiation of Mr. Beast on planting 20 million trees has advantages for both humans and the environment.

Mr. Beast Controversies

Although the work is great and innovative, Mr. Beast, just like Ryan Neil, is going through different criticisms and controversies relating to this project.

As the project by Mr. Beast is a large-scale project, some people argue that focusing on and highlighting this can overshadow and affect small-scale community initiatives.

Some people also have concerns if there is a sustainable plan for further monitoring and caring for the planted trees.

Additionally, some people also argue that the work is primarily focused on entertainment and virality. They say that it’s irrelevant to emphasize such things over environmental issues.

Also, the challenge is very expensive and high-profile, provoking people to criticize the promotion of unsustainability. They also argue that the program is overlooking the role of local communities.

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More About Mr. Beast!

Although the criticism about Mr. Beast represents different perspectives, the program has several positive impacts of Team Trees like awareness, community participation, etc.

Thus, while acknowledging the controversies, it is also vital to research the works of Mr. Beast and Team Trees before making any judgemental comments.

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