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Leopard Vs Dragon In Blox Fruits: Guide For Beginners

Though Leopard and Dragon have individual benefits for users, the choice between them depends on playstyle and goal. 

Generally, Leopard Fruit is better for aggressive battles and maximized destruction. However, Dragon Fruit can be better for strategic gameplay, crowd control, and defensive playstyle.

If you want to know more about Leopard vs Dragon, go through this article. 

Leopard Vs Dragon: A Complete Comparison 

Leopard Fruit and Dragon Fruit are two powerhouse Devil Fruits, which own individual sets of abilities and playstyles, suitable for separate players and combat approaches.

leopard and dragon fruit
The Leopard and Dragon Fruit contain awakenings that boost their abilities.

1. Appearances

Dragon Fruit is a translucent red boxy fruit with the black pattern. It mimics a glob of the fire with a bumpy surface.

However, Leopard Fruit resembles the small inflatable boxy ball with the bumpy surface and glossy shine. It looks like a vibrant red rubber boxy ball with a winding black pattern.

2. Abilities

As its name suggests, Leopard Fruit provides agility and ferocity, allowing the users to transform into powerful leopards.

This transformation helps increase their mobility and attacking power.

Also, the ability of Leopard Fruit includes sharpened claws and swift movements. Leopard Clae, Leopard Rush, and Leopard Fury are some of the assets of the fruit.

However, Dragon Fruit offers the power of a mythical dragon that allows users to transform into a formidable dragon. This change may boost their strength and range. 

Dragon Fruit binds powerful breath and physical invasion. These abilities come under Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, and Dragon’s Fury.

3. Playstyles

Leopard best fits for Aggressive, high-damage, and close-quarters combat.

It is for those who enjoy aggressive battles and high damage output. The fruit’s abilities enable users to close the gap with the opponents and release destructive combos.

Dragon Fruit boasts a versatile, close-quarters, ranged combat, and crowd-control playstyle. 

It allows the users to control the combat and deal high damage to single targets and groups of opponents.

4. Pros & Cons

Leopard Fruit

  • Upon transformation, the users get a speed bluff.
  • Transformation offers only 10% of damage reduction.
  • It is decent in grinding if you employ transformation.
  • It has poor mobility.
  • No moves break instinct, which can make it difficult to attack enemies.
  • Comparatively, there is slow projectile speed.
  • It is not recommended for farming.
  • It is expensive and difficult to obtain.

Dragon Fruit


It has decent combo potential.
It makes it easy to aim and move.
The fruit has good mobility and damage.
The attacks have burn damage that is helpful in PvP.
It performs a decent role in grinding bosses in the Third Sea.


It is not good for beginners or low-level players.
It is not recommended for Ranged PvP.
The fruit is bad for grinding.

5. Other Comparisons

  • Damage Output: Leopard Fruit deals higher damage consequences than the Dragon Fruit, particularly in close-quarters combat.
  • Mobility: Leopard Fruit provides superior mobility than the Dragon Fruit.
  • Crowd Control: Dragon Fruit has better crowd control abilities than Leopard Fruit.
  • Range: Dragon Fruit has a greater range than Leopard Fruit.

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Is Leopard Better Than Dragon?

If you enjoy the aggressive battle and maximize destruction, it would be better to get Leopard Fruit.

However, Dragon Fruit can be better for strategic gameplay, crowd control, and defensive mechanism.