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Is Ghost Fruit Better Than Rubber? Guide For Beginners

As Ghost Fruit and Rubber Fruit are loaded with their own unique abilities, many gaming enthusiasts often deal with confusion to find out which is better.

Generally, Ghost Fruit and Rubber Fruit are the types of devil fruits from the popular game Blox Fruits. However, both are different in appearance, abilities, playstyle, utilities, offense, and defense.

So, go through this complete article to know the potential difference between two popular Blox Fruits, Ghost and Rubber Fruits.

Ghost Fruit & Rubber Fruit [Similarities]

Both Ghost and Rubber Fruits are the types of devil fruits from the popular game Blox Fruits, inspired by the famous manga and anime series One Piece.

Ghost Fruit on the left and Rubber Fruit on the right
Ghost Fruit attacks surprisingly, whereas Rubber Fruit confronts the enemies.

Moreover, both fruits grant you unique abilities as they contain different outstanding elements inside.

  • Both fruits are rare and valuable in the battlefield.
  • You can get good mobility by selecting both fruits.
  • Both Ghost and Rubber Fruits help you to avoid enemies in the battleground.
  • Additionally, both fruits have good offensive and defensive abilities.
  • Both fruits allow you to pass through the enemies and deal damage with their intangible bodies.
  • Furthermore, both fruits are versatile in a variety of playstyles.

Ghost Fruit Vs Rubber Fruit [Differences]

Ghost fruit helps you to avoid enemies and is well suited for PvP rather than PvE. Meanwhile, Rubber Fruit is best for both PvP and PvE.

Additionally, Rubber fruit is more immune than Ghost Fruit.

1. Appearance

When you look at Ghost Fruit closely, you can see the translucent or semi-transparent look. The fruit looks like it’s going to disappear.

Meanwhile, Rubber Fruit has a rubber-like appearance bearing a pink color. The fruit has a smooth and rubbery texture.

2. Abilities

After choosing Ghost Fruit, you will get the unique ability to attack and avoid enemies by disappearing and flying.  You can also pass through the objects using Ghost Fruit.

In contrast, you can get the ability to stretch your body just like a rubber and attack your enemy from the far range after you choose Rubber Fruit.

3. Playstyle

Ghost Fruit allows you to use the abilities in different playstyles where you can hit and run, surprise attacks, etc., and can escape or avoid enemies.

Meanwhile, Rubber Fruit is suitable for various playstyles as your body parts can be mobile, more flexible, and bouncy, helping you to defend and support during the fight.

4. Utility

Ghost Fruit is a cunning fruit that uses different utilities like passing through objects, invisibility, haunting whispers, soul manipulation, and many more.

In contrast, the utilities in Rubber Fruit are the immune system, stretching moves, and mobility to fight and defend against their enemies.

5. Offense & Defense

Ghost Fruit is more defensive than offensive. Usually, you can use this fruit to be free from enemies or avoid them and attack them surprisingly to protect your team.

Meanwhile, Rubber Fruit makes you offensive and is usually effective in attacking enemies even from far away by stretching the body parts.

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Is Ghost Fruit Better Than Rubber?

Choosing the better fruit among Ghost Fruit and Rubber Fruit entirely depends upon your playstyle. Ghost Fruit can be better than Rubber Fruit if you want a more defensive playstyle.

In contrast, choosing Rubber Fruit is better if you want to harm your enemies in direct confrontation. Also, Rubber Fruit has a good crowd control ability.