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Is Ghost Fruit Better Than Magma? Guide For Blox Fruits

Although Ghost Fruit and Magma Fruit are the unique fruits in Blox Fruits, they will create a huge confusion if you want to put them together and know which is better.

Generally, both Ghost Fruit and Magma Fruit are versatile fruits from the popular game Blox Fruits.  However, both are different in appearance, abilities, utilities, playstyles, offense, and defense.

So, go through this complete article to know the potential differences among the two amazing fruits in Blox Fruits, Ghost Fruit and Magma Fruit.

Ghost Fruit & Magma Fruit [Similarities]

Both Ghost Fruit and Magma Fruit are the types of devil fruits from the popular game Blox Fruits. The game is inspired by the famous manga and anime series One Piece.

Ghost Fruit on the left and Magma Fruit on right
Ghost Fruit is more defensive than Magma.

In the game, both fruits have excellent abilities and versatilities while fighting with the opponent team in the battleground.

  • Both fruits come under the logia category, in which the fruit transforms the user’s abilities into their elements.
  • Moreover, both fruits can attack the opponent team and deal damage.
  • You can defend against the attacks to save your team during the fight in the battleground.
  • Also, you can use both fruits in combat, grinding, and exploration.
  • Both are rare and valuable fruits in the Blox Fruit world.
  • You can use both fruits in PvP and PvE.

Ghost Fruit Vs Magma Fruit [Differences]

Although both Ghost Fruit and Magma Fruit are versatile, the versatility of Ghost Fruit is better than Magma Fruit. However, Magma Fruit has better grinding capacity than Ghost Fruit.

1. Appearance

Ghost Fruit has a translucent or semi-transparent appearance, and the fruit looks just like a white ghost. The fruit looks like it’s going to vanish at first glance.

In contrast, Magma Fruit has a dark brown appearance with a rough and cracked surface. Inside the cracks, you can see the molten lava with fire sparks.

2. Abilities

When you use Ghost Fruit, it will grant you unique abilities like passing through the walls and avoiding the enemies during the fight.

Meanwhile, you will be able to create molten lava with volcanic eruptions and manipulate it to attack and control the battlefield.

3. Utilities

The Ghost Fruit is a cunning fruit that contains several utilities like passing through objects, invisibility, haunting whispers, soul manipulation, and many more.

In contrast, the utilities in the Magma Fruit are heat shields, molten lava, volcanic eruptions, lava manipulation, ignition, magma infusion, etc.

4. Playstyles

Comparing the playstyles among both fruits, you can use the different playstyles like hit and run, surprise attacks, etc., where you can escape or avoid the enemies.

Meanwhile, Magma Fruit grants you destructive playstyles where you can attack the battleground and kill the maximum number of enemies.

5. Offense & Defense

Using Ghost Fruit, you will get the defensive abilities to avoid the opponent team and attack them surprisingly to win them in the battleground.

In contrast, Magma Fruit is highly offensive and generates considerable damage to the opponent team rather than escaping from them. Magma fruit can damage many opponents at once on a battlefield.

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Ghost Vs Magma Fruits: Which Is Better?

Choosing the better one between Ghost and Magma Fruits depends upon your playstyle. Ghost fruit is better if you want to support your team by defending against opponents.

Meanwhile, if you want a high range of attacks and want to cause huge damage to your enemies simultaneously, Magma Fruit will be the excellent choice.