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Is Light Better Than Buddha? Guide For Blox Fruits

Light and Buddha are one of the most powerful fruits in the Blox Fruits world, but to know who stands superior, it’s better to compare their qualities.

Generally, both Light and Magma Fruits are popular Devil Fruits in the world of the famous game Blox Fruits. However, both are different in appearance, abilities, playstyles, utilities, offense, and defense.

Go through this full article to know about the similarities and potential differences between two popular devil fruits, Light and Buddha.

Light & Buddha [Similarities]

Both Light and Magma Fruits are popular Devil Fruits in the world of the famous game Blox Fruits. This game is inspired by the anime and manga series One Piece.

Light vs Buddha in Blox Fruits
Light Fruit is more offensive than Buddha.

Moreover, both fruits are very defensive, capable of supporting their teammates from being defeated in the battleground.

  • Both Light and Buddha are logia fruits that transform users into their respective elements.
  • The versatility of both fruits is good, making them suitable for different playstyles.
  • Both fruits are good for grinding.
  • Also, both fruits are very valuable as they are rare to obtain.
  • After awakening, the abilities of both fruits are enhanced.
  • You must have a good experience to utilize the potential of both fruits.
  • Both fruits are connected with peace and enlightenment.

Light Vs. Buddha [Differences]

The main element in the Light Fruit is light, whereas Buddha Fruit has air as its main element.

It may be moderately difficult for you to play and understand Light Fruit. In contrast, it’s more difficult to play and understand Buddha Fruit than Light Fruit.

1. Appearance

The appearance of Light Fruit is bright with a white, radiant glow. The fruit is shaped like a star and has swirl patterns on the glowing surface.

In contrast, Buddha fruit has an appearance just like Lord Buddha’s statue. The fruit has a golden aura representing peace and power.

2. Abilities

Choosing Light Fruit blesses you with amazing abilities like healing powers and supportive capacities. Moreover, you will be able to cause damage to the opponents with light blasts.

Meanwhile, the abilities of Buddha Fruit are high defense, slams, and turning damaging attacks into healing powers.

3. Playstyles

Both Light and Buddha Fruit are the supportive fruits to save your teammates. However, Light Fruit can be better if you want a destructive playstyle.

In contrast, Buddha Fruit is more suitable in supportive playstyles as you and your teammates can be damage-free. Also, you can be damage-proof for some duration.

4. Utilities

The utilities in light fruits are teleportation, high-speed movements, and healing power for the damages. These bright-themed utilities help to defeat enemies with damage and defense.

Meanwhile, Buddha Fruit includes utilities like mirror effects, regeneration, grinding powers, and Tank in Team play.

5. Offense & Defense

In terms of offense, Light Fruit is more offensive than Buddha Fruit due to its high light power, light blasts, etc. It can cause significant damage to the opponents.

In contrast, Buddha Fruit uses offensive powers like Buddha slams and punches to defeat the enemies. However, there is no devil fruit that can defeat the defensive powers of Buddha Fruit.

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Light Vs. Buddha: What To Choose?

If you want an offensive fruit to cause significant damage to the opponents with defensive powers, it’s better to choose Light Fruit. Light Fruit also has a high mobility.

However, choose Buddha Fruit if you want defensive powers. Buddha Fruit has low mobility, making it difficult for the user to avoid the enemies during the fight.