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Is Spirit Better Than Buddha? Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Spirit and Buddha are the two outstanding devil fruits in Blox Fruits’ world, but choosing one fruit better than the other depends on your combat scenarios. 

Generally, both Spirit and Buddha Fruits are powerful devil fruits in Blox Fruits that come under the logia category. However, both are different in appearance, abilities, playstyles, utilities, offense, and defense.

Go through the full article to know about the popular Spirit and Buddha Fruits and their potential differences.

Spirit & Buddha Fruit [Similarities]

Both Spirit and Buddha Fruits are powerful devil fruits in Blox Fruits that come under the logia category. These fruits are inspired by the manga and anime series One Piece.

Spirit Fruit on the left whereas Buddha Fruit on the right
Spirit Fruit is more damaging than Buddha.

Moreover, the unique abilities of both fruits help the player defeat their opponents on the battlefield.

  • Choosing both fruits makes you immune to most of the physical attacks.
  • Both fruits have defensive abilities, supporting your team in the battleground.
  • Also, both fruits can bless you with amazing regeneration and healing abilities.
  • You can attack and damage huge battleground areas with the help of both fruits.
  • Also, both fruits can make it difficult to defeat during the fight.
  • The grinding abilities are amazing if you choose both fruits.
  • You can get flying abilities in both fruits.
  • Both fruits are suitable for PvP and PvE combat.
  • Additionally, both fruits are rare, valuable, and versatile in the Blox Fruits world.

Spirit Vs Buddha Fruit [Differences]

1. Appearance

Spirit Fruit has a translucent, ghostly appearance with amazing blue and purple hues. The surface of the fruit consists of swirl patterns with a chilling aura.

Meanwhile, Buddha Fruit consists of a golden aura and looks just like the statue of Lord Buddha. This fruit represents peace and power.

2. Abilities

After you choose Spirit fruit, you can get amazing abilities like passing through objects, surprise attacks, and dealing damage with ghostly energies.

You can amazingly turn damaging attacks into healing powers, and the Buddha slam causes huge destruction to your opponents in Buddha Fruit.

3. Playstyles

If your playstyle is supportive and you want to avoid your opponents, you can choose Spirit Fruit, as you can vanish or use hit-and-run against the enemies.

In contrast, Buddha Fruit blesses you with close-quarter playstyles. You can even reflect the damages and cause strong AoE attacks to your enemies.

4. Utilities

Spirit Fruit consists of utilities like finding the hidden areas, spirit vortex, spirit rush, grinding effects and allies protection.

Meanwhile, the utilities in Buddha Fruit are mirror effects, regeneration, grinding powers, and Tank in Team play.

5. Offense & Defense

Spirit Fruit is more offensive as it can cause huge damage to the enemies compared to Buddha Fruit. The attacks are also more damaging than Buddha Fruit.

In contrast, Buddha Fruit is more defensive as it can change the damages into healings, supporting your team and saving them.

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Is Spirit Better Than Buddha?

Choosing the better fruit between Spirit and Buddha entirely depends upon your gaming situation.

If you want an offensive playstyle with other facilities like disappearance, surprise attacks, etc., that help avoid enemies, you may go with Spirit Fruit.

However, it’s better to choose Buddha Fruit if you want to defend against your enemies or want to overcome the damage caused by enemies.