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Diamond Vs Dark In Blox Fruits: Which Is Better For You?

Though Diamond and Dark Fruits are good at fighting the Bosses, they contribute to the Blox Fruits differently. 

Generally, Diamond vs Dark Fruits includes the differences in appearance, abilities, weaknesses, and playstyles. For example, Diamond is great in defense playstyle and mobility movement, while Dark is excellent in PvP, combos, and grinding.

If you want to learn more about Diamond vs Dark Fruits, keep this article to yourself. 

Is Diamond Better Than Dark In Blox Fruits?

Blox Fruits celebrates with various array of fighting styles, and Diamond and Dark are two formidable contenders that help users in their journey in the game.

Diamond Vs Dark In Blox Fruits
Diamond and Dark Fruits have different preferences and battle strategies.

Diamond Fruit

As the name suggests, Diamond Fruit is a diamond-like fruit in a dark blue color. It is the size of a grape and has a hard and crystalline texture.

Diamond Fruit is a unique natural-type devil fruit that allows users to manipulate diamonds and enhance their unyielding power.

Users can encase themselves in the protective diamond shell, throwing the diamond-infused attacks and deflecting incoming projectiles.

It owns abilities including Diamond Surge, Diamond Armament, Diamond Dust, Diamond Reflection, Diamond Awakening, etc.

Diamond Fruit offers a defensive playstyle.


  • It is good for tanking Bosses and sword mains.
  • It has great distance coverage, which can be good for mobility movement.
  • The fruit can blind enemies for about 2-3 seconds. 


  • It delays before dealing the damage.
  • It has poor hitboxes and destruction.
  • All moves are not decent and beneficial compared to other fruits.
  • The fruit has a low number of damage-dealing moves.

Dark Fruit 

The Dark Fruit in Blox Fruit is an ominous-looking Devil Fruit that owns a dark sphere with an irregular shape. Besides, its surface is smooth and slightly glossy.

Also, its swirling black splash derives from its core.

It is a rare and Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows users to manipulate shadows and release destructive attacks from darkness.

Besides, the fruit includes features like calling the writhing tendrils of darkness, trapping the enemies, and striking with unseen accuracy.

Dark Fruit has tools like Dark Dagger, Dark Shroud, Dark Tendrils, Dark Vortex, and Dark Awakening.


  • It helps users fight Bosses.
  • It is excellent for PvP.
  • It is great for combos and grinding.


  • It offers poor aim.
  • It does not have a good range.
  • It is not good for aerial combat.
  • Ice can easily win over Dark.

Diamond Vs Dark In Blox Fruits

Diamond Fruit focuses on unwavering defense, strategic positioning, and counterattacks. The users can save themselves from incoming destruction and choose opportunities to strike with diamond-infused blows.

On the other hand, the playstyle of Diamond Fruit helps with stealth, crowd control, and surprise attacks.

Also, the users can manipulate the shadows to receive the elements of surprises, trapping opponents and emptying their lives while attacking from hidden positions.

Fighting StyleDefense-orientedStealth-oriented
StrengthsUnwavering defense, ability to deflect projectiles, potent offensive capabilitiesUnmatched stealth and precision, crowd control abilities, ability to drain enemies' health
WeaknessesMay lack offensive prowess compared to other fighting stylesRequires careful positioning to maximize effectiveness, vulnerable to light-based attacks
Ideal PlaystyleDefensive, strategicStealthy, surprise attacks

From Editorial Team 

Diamond Vs Dark: Which Is Better? 
The choice between the Fruits depends on your playstyle. If you want to play in defense and strategic combat, get Diamond Fruit. 

Otherwise, keep Dark Fruit if you prefer stealth and surprise attacks. 

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