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Is Shadow Better Than Light? A Guide For Blox Fruits

When awakened, Shadow Fruit and Light Fruit offers power and ability to outsmart the enemies but with different strategy and playstyle.

Generally, Shadow Fruit is better than Light Fruit in damage output, crowd control capabilities, and defense. However, Light is better than Shadow in mobility and evasiveness. 

If you are confused about the choice between Shadow and Light, go through this article entirely. 

Is Shadow Better Than Light?

The diverse movesets, awakened status, tactic application, and high-skill ceilings of both Shadow and Light heavily impact the gameplay, so you need to differentiate between fruits.

Shadow Fruit and Light Fruit
Both Shadow Fruit and Light Fruit are versatile in offering the game benefits.

1. Appearance

Shadow Fruit is a packet of ominous darkness with the swirling top of the shadowy tendrils. It exposes inky color and ethereal glow perfectly, capturing the essence of the elements it captures.

However, Light Fruit radiates the sun by mimicking the miniature sun. It has a golden glow and crystalline texture that exposes its ability to manipulate the light for the benefit.

2. Ability

Shadow Fruit allows users to manipulate the shadows and release the destructive dark energy. You can start with the moveset including Dark Punch, Dark Vortex, Dark Barrier, and Dark Pulse.

In contrast, mastering the Light Fruit helps users manipulate the light with exceptional mobility and evasive movements. Its moveset contains Light Speed, Photon Flash, Light Vortex, and Light Barrier.

3. Playstyle 

Shadow Fruit provides high damage output and helps drain the enemy’s health, making it a good choice for players who play aggressively and dominate their enemies.

So users can preserve rapid strike and continuous damage ability to defeat the enemies.

However, Light Fruit has unparalleled mobility and evasive movements, which can be the best tool for users who enjoy the strategic and evasive approach in battle.

Users can leverage the speed and ability of Light to evade the attacks all the way to control the battle.

4. Utility

The versatility and ability of Shadow Fruit to deal significant damage can be used in both PvP and grinding.

Also, the fruit has crowd control ability to drain the opponents’ health, which can be effective in the group setting.

As mentioned above, Light Fruit has assets like exceptional mobility and evasive movements, which can be suitable for PvP and solo grinding.

Also, speed and the ability to escape challenging situations allow players to farm and outmove their enemies.

5. Pros and Cons

Shadow Fruit

  • Shadow offers great damage.
  • It has excellent combo potential.
  • The fruit is easy to get used to.
  • Users can get good mobility.
  • The fruit becomes powerful when paired with Yama.
  • The fruit needs high skill to use.
  • It can be costly as it is one of the 6th most expensive fruits in the game.
  • Players can still be vulnerable to attacks.

Light Fruit

  • Light deals a high amount of damage output.
  • It has 2 stun attacks, making it appear for the battle. 
  • The fruit contains long-ranged attacks with a versatile moveset.
  • Light Fruit possesses only 2 Instinct Break moves.
  • Light X move has a minimal amount of damage.

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Tips To Use Shadow & Light Fruits!

For Shadow, you need to master the dark punch, utilize dark vortex to control the crowd, leverage Dark Barrier for defense, and release Dark Pulse.

Also, mastering light speed for mobility, using Photon Flash for stuns, leveraging light vortex for AoE, combining Light abilities for evasive playstyle, and utilizing the light barrier for strategic defense in Light Fruit.