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Barrier Vs Dark Fruits In Blox Fruits: A Guide For Beginners

Choosing between Barrier and Dark Fruits can be a crucial decision for the Blox Fruit players who want to dominate the battlefield but it’s relatively easy if you compare one vs another.

Generally, both Barrier and Dark Fruits are popular devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits. However, both are different in appearance, abilities, fighting style, mobility, damage output, and many more.

 So, go through this entire article to know the potential difference between Barrier and Dark Fruits and choose the better one between them.

Barrier & Dark [Similarities]

Both Barrier and Dark Fruits are popular devil fruits from the game Blox Fruits. This Fruit game is inspired by the famous anime and manga series One Piece.

Barrier vs Dark in Blox Fruits
Barrier Fruit has a bright theme, whereas Dark Fruit has a dark theme.

Moreover, both Fruits are powerful and versatile fruits suitable for different fighting styles.

  •  Both fruits are suitable for close-range fighting style.
  • The defensive qualities of both fruits are excellent.
  • Also, you can get good mobility after choosing both fruits.
  • Both fruits are suitable for AoE attacks against enemies.
  • Additionally, you can cause huge damage to your opponents after you use both fruits.
  • Both fruits are extremely difficult to awaken. After awakening, both fruits become more powerful than before.

Barrier Vs Dark [Differences]

Barrier Fruit has a good AoE attack potential that helps users defeat multiple enemies at once.

Meanwhile, the blasts from Dark Fruits, dark energies, and various curses spread to several enemies that helps in controlling the crowd.

1. Appearance

Barrier Fruit appears translucent with a shiny and shimmering surface with the swirl patterns on the surface. 

In contrast, Dark Fruit has a glowing orb of darkness and is accompanied by shadowy tendrils. This look makes the fruit frightening.

2. Abilities

If you choose Barrier Fruit, you can create openings for combos and will get good crowd control abilities to control enemies in the battleground.

On the other hand, you may lack direct stunning abilities if you choose Dark Fruit. However, curses can be a big obstacle to the movement of your enemies.

3. Fighting Style

It’s better to choose Barrier Fruit if you want to control and repel your enemies with barrier-based attacks in close-range combat.

Meanwhile, Dark Fruit is suitable for both closed and wide-ranged combat. You can also get dark energy blasts and curses to defeat your enemies.

4. Mobility

As Barrier Fruit follows barrier-based movement techniques, the mobility is generally low compared to Dark Fruit. This movement is useful for defense against enemies.

In contrast, the mobility of Dark Fruit is moderate and higher than that of Barrier fruit. This fruit uses dashes and phasing, enhanced by darkness, allowing the user a better positioning.

5. Damage Potential

Barrier Fruit has moderate damage potential with the help of barrier-based projectiles and shockwaves. This fruit is primarily useful for defense and crowd control.

Meanwhile, Dark Fruit can cause serious damage to the opponents than Barrier Fruit using energy blasts, curses, and other offensive powers.

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Barrier Vs Dark: Which Is Better?

Choosing between Barrier and Dark Fruit entirely depends upon your playstyle. If you want a defensive fruit to support your team with your strategic playstyle, choosing Barrier Fruit will help.

However, selecting Dark Fruit can be the better idea if you want a fruit with good versatility and high damage output for your aggressive playstyle.