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Sand Vs Dark In Blox Fruits: Ultimate Guide For Beginners

When you need to choose one between Sand Fruit and Dark Fruit in Blox Fruits, you must compare one vs another. Otherwise, you may lose the battle.

Generally, both Sand and Dark Fruits are logia-type devil fruits that transform their users into their respective elements. However, both are different in appearance, abilities, fighting style, mobility, utilities, etc.

So, go through this entire article to know about the potential differences and similarities between two popular Blox Fruits, Sand and Dark.

Sand & Dark [Similarities]

Both Sand and Dark Fruits are logia-type devil fruits that transform their users into their respective elements. Moreover, you can manipulate the elements in the fruits while fighting in the battleground.

Sand Vs Dark in Blox Fruits
Sand Fruit uses sand attacks whereas Dark Fruit uses dark curses against enemies.

Additionally, both fruits are versatile, making them suitable for different playstyles.

  • Both fruits cause significant damage to their opponents on the battlefield.
  • The fighting style of both fruits is close-range.
  • Both fruits contain good defensive qualities.
  • The variety of movements in both fruits makes them outstanding against enemies.
  • After awakening, both fruits become more powerful.
  • Both are rare and valuable fruits in the Blox Fruits world.

Sand Vs Dark [Differences]

Sand Fruit has moderate defense abilities that use sand-based barriers and regenerative abilities against enemies.

Meanwhile, the defensive qualities of Dark Fruit are exceptional, including darkness-infused shields and damage-resistant capacities.

1. Appearance

Sand Fruit looks like a block of sand with an orange orb and swirling marks on the surface of the fruit. The texture of the fruit is also sandy.

In contrast, Dark Fruit has a darker theme with threatening appearances and shadowy tendrils on the top. It represents the capacity to manipulate the darkness.

2. Abilities

After using Sand Fruit, the users get the amazing ability to manipulate the essence of sand with several sand-based attacks to defeat enemies.

Meanwhile, Dark Fruit manipulates the darkness and the cursing elements of the fruits. Also, you will get destructive and evil behavior after using this fruit.

3. Fighting Style

Sand Fruit is suitable for close-quarter combat and can fight with opponents with rapid punches. You can also change the combat flow with good crowd-control abilities.

On the other hand, you can use dark energy blasts and shadowy tendrils in the fights. Also, you can use the fruit’s curse to defeat the enemies.

4. Mobility

Sand Fruit grants you high mobility, where you can apply sand-based movement techniques and teleportation in the battleground.

Meanwhile, the mobility of Dark Fruit is moderate compared to Sand. Also, the fruit relies on darkness-enhanced dashes and phasing.

5. Utilities

The utilities of Sand Fruit include Desert Blade, Sand Coffin, Dessert Destructor, and Sandstorm. These utilities make the fruit unbeatable in front of your opponents.

In contrast, Dark Fruit has different utilities, such as creating shockwaves, immobilizing opponents, and damaging the opponent’s team.

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Sand Vs Dark: What To Choose?

If you focus on versatility, close combat, good mobility, and excellent crowd control, it’s better to choose Sand Fruit as it contains all those qualities that help you during the fight.

However, it’s better to choose Dark Fruit if you want to gain destructive or more offensive behavior. Dark Fruit will also help in weakening your opponents.