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Is Rubber Fruit Better Than Magma? Guide For Beginners

In the Blox Fruit world, both Rubber Fruit and Magma Fruit are popular among gamers, confusing them to choose a better fruit on the battlefield.

Generally, both Rubber Fruit and Magma Fruit are the devil fruits from a popular game Bloxfruits. However, both are different in appearance, abilities, playstyle, utilities, offense, and defense.

So, go through this complete article to know about the potential differences and similarities between the two powerful devil fruits, Rubber Fruit and Magma Fruit.

Rubber Fruit & Magma Fruit [Similarities]

Both Rubber Fruit and Magma Fruit are the devil fruits inspired by the popular series One Piece.

Rubber Fruit on the left and Magma Fruit on the right
Rubber Fruit is more defensive than Magma Fruit.

Moreover, both fruits are very powerful and help to fight the opponent’s team on the battlefield. Both fruits cause a lot of damage to the opponent team.

  • Both fruits come under the paramecia type, giving the consumer superhuman power.
  • Moreover, consuming both fruits makes you highly offensive against your enemies.
  • Both fruits help you support yourself and your teammates during the fight, as they also have defensive properties.
  • You can wake both fruits easily to make them more powerful during the battle.
  • Both are versatile fruits and allow you to use them in different playstyles.
  • Also, both fruits are rare and valuable during the battle in the game.

Rubber Fruit Vs. Magma Fruit [Differences]

When you compare the awakening of both fruits, Rubber Fruit Awakening is more versatile as you can use it in both offense and defense.

Meanwhile, when Magma Fruit awakens, it is more powerful and can be best during the offense to cause huge damage.

1. Appearance

Rubber fruit is a round fruit and bears a blue color with a smooth and rubbery texture. The fruit is small with a green stem.

In contrast, Magma Fruit bears a dark brown color with the cracked surface that contains hot lava inside. The fruit has four corners and is rough in texture.

2. Abilities

Rubber fruit grants the users a unique ability to stretch the body parts just like a rubber during the fights. This helps to support the users to avoid damage during enemy attacks.

Meanwhile, Magma Fruits provide the ability to be offensive and explosive, just like volcanic eruptions during the fight. You can damage a large battle area during the fight.

3. Playstyle

Rubber fruit is for those users who want a good immunity to the attacks. Moreover, your body parts can be mobile, more flexible, and bouncy, helping you to defend and support during the fight.

In contrast, Magma Fruit users are not immune to the damage. But, the quantity of damage on the battlefield is more destructive as you can kill huge number of opponents at once.

4. Utilities

Rubber fruit uses different utilities like the immune system, stretching moves, and mobility to fight and defend against their enemies.

Meanwhile, the utilities of the magma fruit on the battlefield are heat shields, molten lava, volcanic eruptions, lava manipulation, ignition, magma infusion, etc.

5. Offense & Defense

Both Magma and Rubber Fruits are offensive, but Rubber Fruit’s users can stretch and contract their bodies to attack enemies from a distance.

In contrast, Magma Fruit can also attract from the distance by manipulating the magma. Additionally, Magma Fruits can also defend the enemies by creating magma barriers.

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Rubber Fruit Vs. Magma Fruit: Which Is Better?

Choosing between Magma Fruit and Rubber Fruit totally depends on your playstyle. If you want to play an offensive game, Magma Fruit is certainly a better choice.

However, Rubber Fruit is more durable than Magma Fruit and can deal with a lot of physical damage. If you want to defend enemies, choosing Rubber Fruit will be a wiser decision.

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