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Is Magma Better Than Ice In Blox Fruits? Guide For Beginners

In the box fruit world, Magma and Ice fruits are the popular choices among many users, and some gamers even come in a dilemma to choose a better among them.

Generally, both Magma and Ice Fruits are parts of the popular game Bloxfruits, inspired by devil fruits in the One Piece series. However, both differ in appearance, abilities, playstyle, utilities, offense, and defense.

So, go through this entire article to know the potential difference between two popular fruits, Magma and Ice Fruits.

Magma & Ice Fruit [Similarities]

Both Magma and Ice Fruits are the devil fruits in the popular game Blox Fruits, inspired by the well-known series One Piece.

Magma Fruit on the left and Ice Fruit on right
Magma fruit represents heat, while Ice fruit represents freezing.

Moreover, both fruits come in a logia category in which the user’s body becomes connected with the elements of the fruit.

  • Both fruits are powerful and versatile, helping you to fight with your opponent’s team in the battleground.
  • Moreover, both are immune to the physical attacks.
  • You can generate a lot of damage to the opponent team by choosing both fruits.
  • Both fruits can control the battleground by manipulating the elements inside them.
  • You can damage multiple enemies at once using the fruits.
  • The power of both fruits increases with unique abilities once you awaken them.
  • You can attack your opponent’s team from far away by selecting Magma and Ice fruit.
  • Both Magma and Ice fruits are visually appealing and rare fruits in the Bloxfruit world.
  • Both fruits are better for both PvP and PvE.

Magma Vs Ice Fruit [Differences]

When you awaken Magma Fruit, it controls the battlegrounds by manipulating its hot, fiery lava.

Meanwhile, Ice Fruit manipulates the ice or blizzard inside it to control the battlefield after awakening.

1. Appearance

Magma fruit bears a brown color with many cracks on the surface. You can see fiery, molten lava inside the rough surface with sparks of fire.

In contrast, Ice Fruit is shiny and has a glass-like appearance. The surface is smooth, and the fruit represents frost.

2. Abilities

After choosing Magma Fruit, you can get a great ability to create molten lava with volcanic eruptions and manipulate it to attack and control the battlefield.

Meanwhile, choosing Ice fruit provides you with the ability to generate ice and snow and manipulate it to cause a frosty environment and kill your opponents.

3. Playstyle

After choosing Magma fruit, it’s better to attack the battleground from the closer range to kill the maximum number of enemies.

In contrast, you can attack the enemies on the battlefield from the long range. The damage is moderate compared to Magma fruit with high damage output.

4. Utilities

The Magma Fruit uses utilities like heat shields, molten lava, volcanic eruptions, lava manipulation, ignition, magma infusion, etc., against enemies.

Meanwhile, the utilities in Ice Fruit are freezing, creating ice weapons, healing, preservation, and other supportive activities for users.

5. Offense & Defense

When you compare the offence and defence in both fruits, Magma Fruit is extremely offensive and causes huge damage to the opponent.

In contrast, Ice Fruit is more defensive and helps its users deal a lot of damage. This fruit is more supportive than Magma Fruit.

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Magma Vs Ice Fruit: Which Is Better?

Choosing between Magma and Ice Fruit totally depends upon your playstyle. If you want a fruit with excellent grinding, choosing Magma Fruit is better.

Meanwhile, Ice fruit is better if you want a defensive fruit. Moreover, this fruit can also be an excellent choice for PvP and crowd control.