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Is Mammoth Better Than Buddha? Guide For Blox Fruits

Though Mammoth and Buddha are used in conjunction with swords, they have different movesets for the strategies in the game. 

Generally, Mammoth is better than Buddha in aggressive, close-quarters combat and prioritizing high damage. However, Buddha is better than Mammoth in tanking and manipulating the battlefield with AoE damage.

If you want to know if Mammoth is better than Buddha, get this post completely. 

Is Mammoth Better Than Buddha In Blox Fruit?

Though Mammoth and Buddha are powerful and versatile, you need to be selective about the choice between the two based on your playstyle and preference. 

mammoth vs buddha in blox fruits
Mammoth and Buddha contribute differently in the game.

1. Appearance

Mammoth Fruit is a large Blox Fruit in a collection of colors, including purple, blue, and white, with a rough and bumpy texture.

When consumed, the fruit turns the users into a giant and wooly Mammoth containing a pair of sharp tusks.

However, the Buddha Fruit is a golden fruit that contains a smooth and rounded surface. If the users possess it, they can transform themselves into a giant and golden statue with a peaceful posture.

2. Ability

Mammoth appear as the Beast-type fruit, allowing users excessive strength, durability, and regeneration.

Besides, its moveset contains slams, stomps, and throws, which can be powerful weapons in close-quarters combat.

In contrast, Buddha Fruit is an Ancient-type fruit that provides users with boosted defense, regeneration, and massive AoE invasion.

Moreover, you can start with shockwaves, barriers, and powerful stomp, which can stun and deal damage to multiple enemies.

3. Playstyle

Mammoth Fruit is for those who play aggressive and close-quarters combat. Also, players need to be prepared to be closer and personal with their opponents, applying powerful slams and stomps to dominate the battlefield.

Unlike Mammoth, Buddha Fruit is more versatile and allows players to prepare for both defensive and offensive playstyles.

They can tank damage with their boosted defense and regeneration while releasing AoE attacks to manipulate the battlefield.

4. Utility

Users get Mammoth Fruit for becoming the tank and heavy damage. It is further good for grinding as its regeneration potential helps players stay longer in the fight.

On the other hand, Buddha Fruit is a good choice for solo players because its tankiness and AoE invasion is a big challenge for enemies to take down.

Also, players can use it effectively for grinding as the fruit grants them the ability to attack while defense and regeneration keep them safe.

5. Pros & Cons

Mammoth Fruit

  • Mammoth is good for grinding.
  • It is good for AoE damage and excellent for collecting enemies and hitting them back with knockback.
  • Fruit is good for attacking and mobility.
  • Fruit requires high skill and mastery to use.
  • It can be dodged with Instict.
  • Mammoth can be bad for air battles.

Buddha Fruit

  • Buddha is versatile for different purposes.
  • It can be the best fruit for the Raids and grinding in the second and third Seas.
  • Fruit is best for grinding Fight Styles and Swords and offers decent for grinding Guns Mastery.
  • It provides the damage decrease that stacks with Aura.
  • Buddha is difficult to awaken.
  • Enemies have the advantage of hitting you more easily.
  • It slows down the movement speed.
  • It has an unreliable combo ability, as most of the moves are not working.

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Tips to use Mammoth and Buddha!

You need to focus on close-quarters combat, maximize the strength and defense, use the transformation, and master the moveset to use Mammoth.

Also, embrace tanking, use AoE attacks, take sword combos, and prioritize defense, and stamina to get Buddha on the right track.