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Is Magma Better Than Buddha? [A Guide For Blox Fruits]

In the battle between different devil fruits in Blox Fruits, two powerful fruits, Magma and Buddha make the gaming freaks confused in finding the better one among them.

Generally, both Magma and Buddha Fruits are the logia fruits that have the ability to transform the users into their respective elements. However, both are different in appearance, abilities, mobility, damage output, defense, and regeneration.

So, go through this entire article to know if the powerful Magma fruit is better than Buddha with their similarities and differences.

Magma & Buddha [Similarities]

Both Magma and Buddha Fruits are the logia fruits that have the ability to transform the users into their respective elements.

Magma vs Buddha in Blox Fruits
Magma Fruit is offensive, whereas Buddha is defensive.

Moreover, the users can also manipulate the elements against the opponents on the battlefield.

  • Both are versatile fruits suitable for different playstyles.
  • Also, both fruits have the potential to cause huge damage to the opponents.
  • Both fruits are the top-tier fruits in the Blox Fruits world.
  • The durability of both fruits is excellent.
  • It’s very difficult to awaken both fruits.
  • After awakening, both fruits become more powerful than before.
  • Both fruits are good for boss fights.
  • You can use both fruits in PvP and PvE combat.

Magma Vs. Buddha [Differences]

After Magma Fruit awakens, it becomes much more destructive due to the powerful magma inside the fruit.

Meanwhile, the awakening of Buddha Fruit can make the user more defensive with a higher regenerative power than before.

1. Appearance

The appearance of Buddha Fruit is just like a statue of lord Buddha with a golden, glowing aura. This shiny appearance indicates the peace and power of the fruit.

In contrast, Magma Fruit consists of a dark brown surface with cracks, giving it a rough texture. Inside the cracks, you can see the hot, red, molten lava.

2. Abilities

Using Magma Fruit you can get the ability to create molten lava and manipulate it to kill your enemies in the battleground. It gives you a great opportunity to control the battleground.

Meanwhile, you can change the damaging attacks into amazing healing powers. Moreover, you can also cause damage to the opponents using different powers.

3. Mobility

The users can quickly move around the map and attack their enemies utilizing the high mobility of the Magma Fruit.

On the other hand, the mobility of Buddha Fruit is very low compared to Magma Fruit. It can be difficult to avoid enemies during the fight.

4. Defense & Regeneration

Although Magma Fruit is popular for its offensive powers rather than defense, the users can take a high amount of damage and still survive.

Meanwhile, Buddha Fruit is the most defensive among all the devil fruits in Blox Fruits. This defensive power makes the Buddha Fruit users unbeatable.

Similarly, Magma Fruit has a low level of regeneration, while the regeneration of Buddha Fruit is very good.

5. Damage Output 

Magma Fruit is extremely offensive and destructive and can cause significant damage with the molten magma. This fruit is popular for its high grinding ability, capable of killing several enemies at once.

Unlike Magma Fruit, the damage output of Buddha Fruit is low, but you can still cause damage to the opponents with Buddha slams and punches.

From Editorial Team

Is Magma Better Than Buddha?

If you are searching for the destructive fruit to kill the enemies from a distance, then of course! Choosing Magma is better than Buddha.

However, there is no better fruit than Buddha in terms of defense. The defensive powers become more enhanced after the fruit’s awakening.

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