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Is Light Better Than Magma? Ultimate Guide For Blox Fruits

In the Blox Fruit universe, both Light and Magma Fruits are loaded with amazing powers and abilities, putting the players in a dilemma about choosing the better one.

Generally, both Light Fruit and Magma Fruit are parts of the Blox Fruits game, which is inspired by devil fruits in the popular anime One Piece. However, both are different in appearance, abilities, playstyle, utility, offense, defense, etc.

Light Fruit uses the power of light, whereas Magma Fruit uses the heating power to compete with the opponents.

So, go through this entire article to know the potential difference between the two amazing Fruits, Light Fruit and Magma Fruit, and know which is better according to the gaming situation.

Light Fruit & Magma Fruit [Similarities]

Both Light and Magma fruits are part of the Blox Fruits game, which is inspired by devil fruits in the popular anime One Piece.

Light fruit on the left and Magma fruit on the right
Light Fruit has a faster pace than Magma Fruit.

Moreover, both are rare and valuable fruits in the Blox Fruit world. Also, both are connected with the elemental forces of nature.

  • Both fruits have visually striking appearances and grant amazing abilities to the users.
  • You can compete with your opponents easily using both fruits in the game.
  • Both fruits have powers that can cause damage to the opponents on the battlefield.
  • Moreover, both fruits produce dazzling effects and interact with the gaming environments with their powers.
  • Both fruits are versatile and supportive to the users during battle time.
  • You can use both Light and Magma fruits for mobility purposes.
  • Also, you can alter and change the whole environment of the battlefield using both Light and Magma fruit.
  • Both fruits bless you with high adaptation capacities after you choose them.

Light Fruit Vs Magma Fruit [Differences]

By choosing the light fruit, you can turn a battlefield into an illuminated zone. The glowing power of the fruit can alter the visibility power of the opponents.

Meanwhile, you can manipulate the battleground into a molten landscape that can devastate the enemies.

1. Appearance

Both Light Fruit and Magma Fruit bear unique appearance. Light fruit has a bright, glowing appearance that can even illuminate in the darkness.

In contrast, the Magma fruit has a threatening and cracked appearance. The outer surface appears like earth, and you can also see the molten lava from the cracks.

2. Abilities

Both Blox Fruits have their unique abilities. Light Fruit has the ability to damage opponents with light intensity and force. Also, this fruit has protective abilities too.

Meanwhile, Magma fruit has more destructive abilities than Light Fruit. This fruit can cause volcanic eruptions, damaging the whole battlefield during the fight.

3. Playstyle

Using the Light Fruit, you can adopt an illuminating power, strong defense capabilities, and protective abilities to support you and your team during the fight.

In contrast, you can get the destructive ability to damage the opponent team due to the raw forces of molten lava in the Magma Fruit.

4. Utilities

Light Fruit contains numerous utilities like illuminating power, light speed, teleportation, healing power, blinding radiance, radiant shield, etc.

Meanwhile, Magma Fruit has different utilities on the battlefield, like the heat shield, molten lava, volcanic eruptions, lava manipulation, ignition, magma infusion, etc.

5. Offence Defence

Choosing the Light fruit can make you less offensive than choosing the Magma Fruit. Instead, you can get the protective shield, the power to glow in the dark, and the healing glow for defense.

In contrast, you can be offensive and cause a lot of damage to the opponent team with the help of elemental forces and molten lava. This fruit can damage a huge area of the battlefield.

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Light Fruit Vs Magma Fruit: Which Is Better?

Choosing the better fruit depends on your playstyle and the gaming situation. If you want a faster pace while playing, it’s better to choose Light Fruit. But if you want your pace to be slow and effective, Magma fruit works best.

Moreover, Light Fruit is better for PvP, whereas it’s better to choose Magma Fruit for grinding. Magma Fruit can destroy large groups of enemies at once.