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Is Ghost Fruit Better Than Flame? Ultimate Guide For Blox Fruits

While playing Blox Fruits, both Ghost Fruit and Flame Fruit leave you with a confusing choice, but the question about which is better is still unanswered.

Generally, both Ghost and Flame Fruits are the fictional fruits from the game Blox Fruits. However, both are different in appearance, themes, abilities, playstyles, utilities, offense, defense, and many more.

Ghost Fruit focuses on stealth and evasion, while Flame Fruits is all about showing raw power and intensity.

So, go through this entire article to know the potential differences between two amazing Blox fruits, Ghost Fruit and Flame Fruits, and know which is better for you.

Ghost Fruit & Flame Fruit [Similarities]

Both Ghost Fruit and Flame Fruits are the fictional fruits from the popular game Blox Fruits. The fruits are inspired by devil fruits in the anime series One Piece.

Ghost fruit on the left and Flame fruit on the right
Ghost Fruit is defensive while Flame Fruit is offensive.

Moreover, both fruits have unique abilities, helping you to survive in the game while the opponents are attacking you on the battlefield.

  • Both fruits have a visually appealing appearance the contains elemental powers in the game.
  • While playing the game, both fruits are versatile, helping you survive in opponents’ presence.
  • Both fruits have good defensive capacities against their opponents with their powers.
  • Additionally, both Ghost and Flame Fruits are rare and valuable fruits in the game.
  • Both use several utilities to fight on the battlefield.
  • Furthermore, both Ghost Fruits and Flame Fruits interact uniquely with the gaming environment.

Ghost Fruit Vs Flame Fruit [Differences]

In the Blox Fruit world, both Ghost Fruits and Flame Fruits possess different capabilities, elemental forces, and thematic elements.

Both fruits offer you unique gaming experiences in the game. Here are some of the potential differences between Ghost Fruits and Flame Fruits.

1. Appearance and Themes

You can identify Ghost Fruit by their semi-transparent or translucent appearance that looks like the fruit is about to be invisible. Moreover, the fruit has a ghostly or haunting appearance too.

In contrast, Flame Fruit looks aggressively fiery, with red flames constantly catching the fruit. This represents the destructive theme of the fruit.

2. Abilities

While comparing the abilities, you will be able to pass through the walls or obstacles and avoid your enemies after you choose the Ghost Fruit.

Meanwhile, you can set the things on fire using the Flame Fruit. Moreover, you can change the whole battle environment by using destructive fire.

3. Playstyles

When you compare playstyles after choosing the two fruits, the Ghost Fruit offers you a cunning ability. After you select the fruit, you can surprisingly hit and run the opponent and escape from them.

In contrast, Flame Fruit has a very destructive and damaging capacity. You can severely destroy your opponent’s team while fighting on the battlefield.

4. Utilities

Ghost fruit contains different utilities like passing through objects, invisibility, haunting whispers, soul manipulation, and many more.

Meanwhile, you can use several utilities in Flame Fruits, like fire-based attacks, burning status effects, heat shields, fiery movements, etc.,  while fighting with opponents.

5. Offense and Defense

Instead of being offensive, you will adopt defensive abilities like escaping, surprise attacks, avoiding enemies, etc., when you choose Ghost Fruit.

However, you can be destructive and offensive after you choose Flame Fruit. You can damage the opponents with the help of fire attacks and movements.

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Ghost Fruit Vs Flame Fruit: Which Is Better?

There is no comparison between the better capability of these two amazing fruits, Ghost Fruit and Flame Fruit. This depends on your playstyle and situation in the game.

If you want to defend against enemies or avoid them, Ghost Fruit can be a perfect choice. This fruit is not very destructive but saves you from the opponent’s attacks.

Meanwhile, it’s good to choose Flame Fruit if you want to cause huge damage to your opponent’s team. You will get the offensive firepower and fiery strategy after you choose Flame Fruit.