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Is Ghost Fruit Better Than Ice Fruit? Guide For Beginners

Both Ghost Fruit and Ice Fruit have unique and amazing abilities that make them better than each other, according to the different situations in the game.

Generally, Ghost Fruit and Ice Fruit are the popular devil fruits from the famous game Blox Fruits. However, both bear differences in appearance, abilities, playstyle, utilities, offense, and defense.

So, go through this entire article to know the difference between Ghost and Ice Fruits and determine the best fruit for your play style.

Ghost Fruit & Ice Fruit [Similarities]

Both Ghost Fruit and Ice Fruit are the types of devil fruits from the popular game Blox Fruits. These fruits have unique abilities and help you fight with the opponent team.

Ghost Fruit on the left and Ice Fruit on the right
Ghost Fruit is defensive, whereas Ice Fruit is offensive.

Moreover, both Ghost and Ice Fruits are versatile for several playstyles and help you pass through the obstacles easily.

  • Both fruits are rare and valuable for users while playing the game.
  • Upon closer observation, you can see the glowing surface of both fruits.
  • Moreover, both fruits are designed to support the team during the fight with the opponent team.
  • Both Ghost and Ice Fruits are semi-transparent fruits.
  • Furthermore, both fruits are perfect if you want to avoid the direct confrontation with the enemies.
  • Both fruits are versatile and suitable for different playstyles.

Ghost Fruit Vs Ice Fruit [Differences]

Ghost fruit can be the perfect choice for PvP as the escaping and surprise attacks can make you win against the opponent player.

Meanwhile, Ice Fruits is good for both PvP(player vs player) and PvE(player vs environment).

1. Appearance

The appearance of the ghost fruit is semitransparent, white, and just like the image of the skull. This fruit is whitish and appears just like a glowing ghost.

Meanwhile, Ice Fruit looks just like an ice block with a glowing, blueish hue. The fruit is shiny with a smooth surface.

2. Abilities

When you choose the Ghost Fruit, you can get the amazing ability to pass through the objects and escape from your enemies as you can disappear and fly.

In contrast, Ice Fruit grants you the ability to attack your enemies from far range by creating a frosty and snowy environment.

3. Playstyles

Ghost fruit is perfect if you want a defensive playstyle to avoid your enemies. Moreover, you can also attack the opponent player surprisingly.

Meanwhile, if you want an aggressive playstyle and want to cause huge damage to the opponent team in the battleground, Ice Fruit is perfect. 

4. Utilities

Ghost Fruit consists of utilities like passing through objects, invisibility, haunting whispers, soul manipulation, and many more to avoid enemies.

In contrast, the utilities in Ice Fruit are freezing, creating ice weapons, healing, preservation, and other supportive activities for users.

5. Offense & Defense

Choosing Ghost fruit makes you more defensive as you can hide and run away from your opponents during the fight in the battleground. 

Meanwhile, Ice fruit makes you offensive and is perfect for killing many enemies at once on the battlefield. Ice Fruit is also good for grinding.

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Ghost Fruit Vs Ice Fruit: Which Is Better?

Both Ghost and Ice Fruits are excellent in their own way, and the better one entirely depends on your playstyle. If you want to support and save your team, it’s better to choose Ghost Fruit.

But if you want a destructive playstyle and wish to play in PvE combat, Ice Fruit can be the perfect choice. Ice fruit can manipulate the ice to cause damage in huge areas.