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Is Dragon Better Than Dough? Guide For Blox Fruits

Both Dragon and Dough Fruits are loaded with excellent abilities to help you fight in the Blox Fruits battle but you must compare them to find out the better one.

Generally, Dragon and Dough Fruits are logia fruits that can transform the users into their respective elements. However, both are different in appearance, abilities, fighting style, mobility, defensive qualities, and many more.

Go through this complete article to know about the potential differences between Dragon and Dough fruits and know what to choose during the battle.

Dragon & Dough [Similarities]

Both Dragon and Dough Fruits are logia-type devil fruits that can transform the users into their respective elements. This is inspired by the popular anime and manga series One Piece.

Dragon Vs Dough in Blox Fruits
Dragon Fruit provides you the ability to fly but Dough Fruit does not.

The unique abilities of both fruits make them desirable to the users in the game. Also, both fruits are fun to use.

  • Both fruits are versatile and suitable for different playstyles.
  • Also, both have offensive abilities and are good for grinding.
  • Both fruits are good for the AoE attacks against the enemies.
  • Moreover, both fruits are rare and valuable in the game.
  • You can cause significant damage to your enemies during the fight by using both fruits.
  • Both fruits are immune to physical attacks.
  • You need a good experience to use the full potential in the fruits.

Dragon Vs Dough [Differences]

If you compare overall qualities, Dragon Fruit is an all-rounder fruit whereas Dough Fruit is best for controlling the crowd.

However, you must compare all the qualities one by one as each quality play a great role in different playstyles.

1. Appearance

Dragon Fruit is a green-colored, dragon-shaped fruit that glows bright orange or yellow with a frightening appearance.

In contrast, Dough Fruit has a  stretchy and elastic appearance, just like a ball of dough. The texture is also sticky, and the fruit is gooey to the touch.

2. Abilities

You can get amazing abilities like flying, breathing fire, creating shockwaves, etc., after you choose Dragon Fruit. 

Meanwhile, if you choose Dough Fruit, you can stretch your body parts, attack the enemies, and damage their body formations. You can also turn yourself into a golem giant after awakening the fruit.

3. Fighting Style

Due to its frightening performance and good fighting abilities, Dragon Fruit can cause significant damage to the enemies during the fight.

Moreover, you can attack enemies from a distance using Dragon Fruit.

In contrast, Dough Fruit has a low attack range compared to Dragon Fruit. However, this fruit is very useful due to its good AoE attacks.

Additionally, the transformation into the giant after awakening gives amazing plus points in the fighting style.

4. Mobility

Dragon Fruit has excellent mobility allowing the user to fly up to the height and attack the enemies. You can easily cover the map and can get a dominant position in combat.

In contrast, the mobility of Dough Fruit is moderate as it does not grant any abilities to fly like Dragon Fruit. However, the fruit can phase through obstacles, teleport short distances, and manipulate the surroundings for movement.

5. Defensive Qualities

While Dragon Fruit can fly swiftly and attack, it is also strong against physical attacks. Additionally, users get regenerative abilities and can recover from the damages quickly.

The defensive abilities of Dough Fruit are better than that of Dragon Fruit as Dough contains excellent immune qualities against physical damage. 

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Is Dragon Better Than Dough?

Determining the better fruit among Dough and Dragon depends upon your playstyles. If you want offensive powers, good mobility, and regenerative abilities, it’s better to choose Dragon Fruit.

However, it can be a wise decision to choose Dough Fruit if you want good AoE attacks and want to control the crowds in the battleground.