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Is Ice Better Than Dark? Ultimate Guide For Blox Fruits

Although both Ice and Dark are uncommon Elemental Fruits, they have different potentials to battle against each other. 

Generally, Ice Fruit is better than Dark Fruit in bounty hunting and crowd control as it is versatile in battle. However, Dark is better than Ice in dealing high damage and PvP combats. 

If you want to play like a pro, you need to differentiate between Ice and Dark, so read this article completely. 

Is Ice Better Than Dark? [Ice Vs Dark]

Though both Ice and Dark are good in PvP battles, they have different approaches and strategies to continue the game.

Ice and Dark Fruits
Ice and Dark Fruits have their own advantages and disadvantages for the playstyle.

1. Appearance

Ice Fruit showcases the appearance of chilling frost with a surface mirroring the glistening glacier. Besides, the fruit possesses an icy blue hue and crystalline texture offering the essence of the element it controls.

However, Dark Fruit appears the dept of darkness with its surface mirroring a swirling top of shadowy tendrils.

It reflects the ability to manipulate the darkness, allowing the users control over the shadows and essence of darkness.

2. Ability 

Ice Fruit users can manipulate the essence of the winter boasting various ice-based attacks. Its moveset includes Ice Shard, Frost Nova, Ice Block, and Ice Barrage.

On the other hand, Dark Fruit allows users the ability to change shadows and release and destroy dark energy. Also, it has moveset containing Dark Punch, Dark Vortex, Dark Barrier, and Dark Pulse.

3. Playstyle

Ice Fruit focuses on versatility and crowd control which can be best for players who prefer strategic domination over combat.

Also, its moveset grants players to manipulate the battle flow, freezing opponents, defeating the enemies, and dealing considerable damage.

In contrast, Dark Fruit has high damage output and the ability to drain the health of enemies, making it the apt choice for players who enjoy aggressive playstyle.

Players can employ rapid strikes and continuous damage potentials to overwhelm enemies and protect the victory.

4. Pros & Cons

Ice Fruit 

  • All moves except F Ability destroy the Instinct.
  • Ice has amazing stuns to freeze the enemies.
  • It has good mobility and amazing combo potential.
  • The fruit has a multi-target moveset.
  • It is good in AoE to counter Buddha.
  • It costs high energy on water.
  • Ice Skating slows down with the fall of health.
  • Absolute Zero is only effective near the ground.

Dark Fruit 

  • Dark Fruit has great stuns which can be the best choice for the sword mains and gun mains.
  • Fruit works well without regard to the state distribution.
  • It deals decent damage.
  • You can employ the fruit for PvP battle.
  • It is also good for combos and grinding.
  • If you are a new player, Dark is good to get.
  • Dimensional Slash contains little hitbox, causing users with a bad aim.
  • Dark Fruit lacks very much range.
  • Unawakened Dark is not a good choice for aerial combat.
  • The fruit can be easily defended along with Ice Fruit.

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How to Get Ice and Dark Fruits?

You can get Ice and Dark by trading other fruits with other players.

The next method can be event rewards in which you need to complete particular tasks or participate in challenging challenges.

Other methods can be Dungeon Drops and Raid Boss Drops.