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How To Use Butterfly Pea Flower? [Top Recipes]

The visually appealing flower of the Butterfly Pea not only beautifies your garden but can also enhance the look, flavor, and aroma of your favorite dishes.

Generally, the delicate blueish petals of Butterfly Pea are very useful in several recipes. Some recipes include Butterfly Pea Flower tea, cookies, dressings, and many more. 

So, go through this entire article to experiment with Butterfly Pea blossoms in several recipes and know their potential health benefits in detail.

What Does Butterfly Pea Flower Look Like?

Butterfly Pea bears beautiful petals with a blueish hue decorated beautifully with white stripes on the corner. You can also find some purple, pink, or white varieties.

Each flower consists of five delicate petals arranged beautifully like a wing. The combination of these petals makes the flower look just like a butterfly.

Butterfly Pea flower tea in cup
You can prepare refreshing tea from Butterfly Pea blossoms and enjoy it every morning.

Moreover, if you look closely, this flower looks just like the body part of woman.

This beautiful flower is small, about 1-2 inches, and grows in clusters making your garden aesthetically appealing.

How To Use Butterfly Pea Flower?

Butterfly Pea is a very useful blossom that allows you to experiment to create amazing, healthy recipes like dressings, sorbet, tea, tincture, and many more.

Beyond the kitchen, you can use this flower as a cosmetics and natural dye for hair, fabrics, etc.

1. Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

You can make Butterfly Pea tea with both dried as well as fresh petals.

  • Take a handful of Butterfly Pea petals. If you are using dried petals, it takes fewer petals than fresh ones.
  • Boil 2 cups of fresh water and add the petals.
  • Further, boil the mixture for 4-5 minutes.
  • Finally, strain the tea and put honey or lemon according to taste. Serve the tea hot.

To prepare Butterfly Pea flower cookies, you need dried flower petals. Dried petals can add good color to the dough.

  • Grind the dried petals in a grinder and make a fine powder.
  • Mix the powder with cookie flour and strain it into a clean container.
  • Knead the dough and rest it until the dough combines with the color of the petals.
  • Roll the dough and cut into different shapes with a cookie cutter.
  • Bake until the cookie becomes crispy outside and soft inside.

3. Butterfly Pea Flower Dressings

Due to the vibrant colors of Butterfly Pea flowers, they can enhance the appearance of your desserts and salads. It may look even better if you use flowers with different colors.

  • Mix the dried Butterfly Pea Flower petals.
  • Infuse the mixture with salt and sugar and let them dry.
  • Add the mixture to your salad as a dressing or decorate your ice cream, pudding, etc with infused petals.

Butterfly Pea Flower Benefits

  • Antioxidants in the flowers of Butterfly Pea fight with free radicals to repair cell damage and reduce further damage.
  • Cognitive functions in flower enhances neuroprotective activities and aids easy blood flow toward the brain.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties in the flower help in reducing pain, swelling, and infections.
  • Antibiotic properties in the flowers can improve your skin and hair health preventing you from wrinkles, pimples, acne, hairfall, etc.
  • Anti-diabetic properties in the flower helps to reduce blood sugar level preventing you from type-2 diabetes.
  • Additional benefits include mood enhancement, anxiety reduction, weight management, etc.

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Additional Tips!

The health benefits of Butterfly Pea flowers are amazing but there is limited research about the advantages of consuming the flowers.

Thus, it’s better not to overconsume the flowers to avoid the risks. Also, contact professionals or your doctor if you are allergic to the aroma of the flower.